The University Calendar is published every Academic Year and contains the University's Charter, Statutes, Ordinances as well as other useful corporate information.

You can also look at the 2021-22 UEA Almanac which shows all the main UEA Committee and Board meetings, plus shows when the University is open/closed and semester dates.


Apologies for any cause of concern when visiting this current webpage. We are in the process of modernising the Academic Calendar,  and the Web Team are working very hard to get things where they should be, so items which were in this section may not now be. The main section of General Regulations, Award Regulations, Disciplinary Procedures and Fees and Charges will be within the Policies and Regulations section of the Governance website. 

The updates/redirects should go through tonight - but below are the direct links to some of the key pages: 

General Regulations 

Award Regulations 

Disciplinary Procedures 

Fees and Charges


There is currently some website maintenance taking place and the links on the main part of the page will not currently work (until the redirects are in place). Please navigate to the page you require using the left hand pink menu where the pages are listed alphabetically.



Older versions of the UEA Calendar can be viewed via the Previous Calendar Regulations page.