We support UEA exchange programmes through work with partner universities and study abroad students.

If you're based on campus, you can pop in to see us in the Student Information Zone on The Street. We're there from 9am to 5pm every weekday and can chat with you about any queries or concerns, big or small, and help you take the next steps in your study abroad journey.

Out of working hours, visiting students in Norwich or UEA students abroad can contact UEA's 24/7 Security Team on +44 (0)1603 592222 in emergencies only. Any other queries will be resolved as early as possible the next working day. 

Enquiry type Email address
Enquiries from or relating to UEA degree students going abroad or currently abroad studyabroad@uea.ac.uk
Enquiries from or relating to visiting study abroad students visiting.uea@uea.ac.uk
Enquiries relating to UEA's Turing Funding turing.funding@uea.ac.uk
Enquiries from or relating to our partner universities studyabroad.partnerships@uea.ac.uk


  • Alexandra Cole
    Alexandra Cole - Head of Global Programmes & Study Abroad
    Alex's focus involves engaging all services of the University in the strategic direction of UEA’s study abroad programmes, developing initiatives to increase outbound mobility and embedding an ethos of widening access to mobility. Her interests involve increasing opportunities for an international experience and developing programmes to enhance existing exchange partnerships, currently leading on the University’s implementation of Turing and Aurora Alliance outbound mobility funding.
  • Olivia Burns
    Olivia Burns - Study Abroad Adviser (Outgoing Students)
    Olivia graduated from UEA with a master’s in Education and International Development in 2020. Prior to this she spent a year working at a university in Hong Kong and studied abroad at Northern Arizona University. During her time abroad she was able to explore the USA and parts of Asia and Australia. These international experiences have made her passionate about student mobility and she's excited to support and work with our students in making the most of the opportunities they have to go abroad.
  • Georgia Evison
    Georgia Evison - Study Abroad Administrator (Visiting Students)
    Georgia is eager to facilitate students to have a great study abroad experience here in her home city of Norwich. Whilst studying in Manchester, she completed an Erasmus year in Seville, Spain, before working for the British Council in Madrid.
  • Yasmin Gorman
    Yasmin Gorman - Study Abroad Administrator (Outgoing Students)
    Yasmin is one of our recent Translation graduates who is fluent in Spanish as well as having obtained qualifications in Greek, French, Arabic and Japanese. Yasmin brings a variety of experiences from her time studying abroad in Madrid and is ready to support students in making the best of the opportunities ahead. In her spare time, she does a little freelance translation and English language coaching online to students in Latin America and Europe.
  • Brittany Hopkins
    Brittany Hopkins - International Officer for Study Abroad and Exchange Partnerships
    Brittany is responsible for UEA Study Abroad’s partnership engagement and global inbound exchange recruitment activity. She obtained her degree in International Studies from Leiden University in The Netherlands and spent a semester at Université Laval in Canada. Her role has a strong emphasis on partnership development and she is keen to facilitate a range of international opportunities for students.
  • Amy Humphreys
    Amy Humphreys - Study Abroad Coordinator (Exchange Partnerships)
    Amy has lived in Spain, Austria and Australia and uses her experience to promote global opportunities to students at UEA. Amy helps manage our diverse portfolio of partner universities. If she had the chance to study abroad again, she would go to the University of Wyoming.
  • Clementine Jones
    Clementine Jones - European Exchange Partnerships Officer
    Clementine has been involved in the Erasmus programme for over 20 years and has acquired a wealth of knowledge on EU regulations and contract negotiations. In her current role, Clem is responsible for European partnership development and European Study Abroad agreement negotiations, as well as managing the UEA Erasmus+ KA103 contract and compliance on behalf of the University.
  • Rachel Jones
    Rachel Jones - Study Abroad Senior Adviser (Outgoing Students)
    Rachel obtained a Masters degree in Applied Translation Studies from UEA and studied abroad in France and Spain. Before joining our team, she gained work experience in multilingual communications and overseas events administration at an NGO. Rachel is passionate about encouraging students to have the experience of living and studying abroad.
  • Annie Kay
    Annie Kay - Study Abroad Manager (Programmes)
    Annie works with the Study Abroad Team to support both visiting and outgoing students at UEA. She lived in Germany and Egypt after completing an Erasmus year in Berlin, and is enthusiastic about helping students experience the benefits of studying abroad.
  • Angela Murgatroyd
    Angela Murgatroyd - Study Abroad Coordinator (Outwards Mobility Funding)
    Angela enjoys supporting our students, and has specific responsibility for administering funding for outgoing mobility. She has lived and worked in Germany for many years and has spent time travelling in Australia and New Zealand. Angela is a keen supporter of student mobility and enjoys advising students.
  • Brook Newton
    Brook Newton - Mobility Data and Systems Officer
    Brook has lived in Canada, Germany, and Australia, and speaks French and German. He is responsible for technical and data support for the office, including maintaining our partnership and data management systems.
  • Emma Pinder
    Emma Pinder - Study Abroad Adviser (Outgoing Students)
    Emma graduated from UEA with a degree in Ecology, and brings personal study abroad experience in Canada to the role. Emma has travelled to North & South America, Africa, New Zealand and Europe, and is passionate about encouraging students to broaden their horizons and promoting cultural integration.
  • Lewis Sillett
    Lewis Sillett - Global Programmes Officer
    Having lived and studied abroad in the Netherlands, Lewis is passionate about students receiving a positive international experience. Lewis supports the delivery of UEA’s summer and short-term programmes. These programmes provide students with a taster of studying at UEA and encourage them to select our university as their future pathway.
  • Katrien Verbruggen
    Katrien Verbruggen - Study Abroad Manager (Partnerships)
    Originally from Belgium, Katrien has studied and worked in a number of countries. She holds Masters Degrees in Economic Sciences and Languages, and has been part of the international mobility community since leaving high school. Before moving to the UK, Katrien worked in international development. In her current role, she manages the student exchange partnerships and recruitment, working closely with our partner universities.
  • Emma Waters
    Emma Waters - Widening Access & Student Mobility Support Officer
    A UEA graduate, Emma completed her study abroad programme in America. In her current role, she aims to support students from a diverse range of backgrounds to ensure all students have the opportunity to study abroad and can reap the benefits of such an experience.