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MathTASK is a collaborative research and development programme in the UK, Brazil and Greece on mathematics teachers’ pedagogical and mathematical discourses and the transformation of teacher aspirations into pedagogical practices. MathTASK has four strands (1) mathematical thinking which focuses on pedagogical and didactical practices in relation to the teaching and learning of specific mathematical topics; (2) classroom management which explores the interferences of classroom management challenges with the learning of mathematics; (3)  CAPTeaM, a British Academy-funded strand that focuses on inclusion in the mathematics classroom and aims to Challenge Ableist Perspectives on the Teaching of Mathematics, especially in relation to disabled learners; and (4) the role of digital technology and other resources in the teaching and learning of mathematics. As the programme develops, new strands emerge from the experiences and ideas of participating teachers. Our research sets out from the assumption that teachers’ mathematical and pedagogical discourses are better explored and developed in situation-specific contexts. To this aim, we design situation-specific tasks and then use them for research and teaching purposes.  MathTASK is a project of the RME group. See more about the upcoming MathTASK Events.

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Latest Publications Latest Publications

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