Forms and documents for students on placement in your school Forms and documents for students on placement in your school

On this page you will find all the necessary forms and documents to support the students whilst on placement in your school.

General course documents

Secondary PGCE(M) course handbook (full version)

Secondary PGCE(M) course handbook (edited version)

Professional Tutor handbook 2019-20

Mentor handbook 2019-20

Placement Grade descriptors - Teachers' Standards 2019-20

Grading Sheet September 2019-20

SYUEATT School Experience Timetable


PGCE Partnership Privacy Notice

PGCE Partnership Schools Data Sharing Agreement

DfE Data Protection Toolkit for Schools - PDF



Document Usage Format
SYUEA1a/b - School Placement Standards Profile

Collates written evidence of trainee progress against the Teachers' Standards, including School Teaching Evidence, Reviews and Report, and Weekly Log of meeting with Mentor.

Support and Improvement Records if used in the placement.

Student supplies a copy of their Range of Professional Experience Record.

A public document to be accessed by mentors, Professional Tutors, Teachers, trainees, UEA tutors, external examiners

SYUEA1a - Word version

PDF version

Word version PDF version


SYUEA2a/b - School Teaching Report

A summative report on the trainee's progress against each area of the Teachers' Standards.

Identifies and prioritises points for the trainee's professional development.

Provides concise and precise ‘transfer' information between mentors in placements A and B, or to inform Induction Statement for trainee's first post.

In placement B, allows the UEA Partnership to identify trainees in need of support/at risk of failing to meet the Teachers' Standards.

SYUEA2a - Word version 

PDF version


SYUEA2b - Word version

SYUEA2b - PDF version

SYUEA3a/b - School Teaching Reviews

Provides concise, at-a-glance overview of trainee progress against the Teachers' Standards across the placement.

SYUEA3a - Word version
PDF version

SYUEA3b -Word version

SYUEA3b - PDF version


SYUEA4 - School Statement of Personal and Professional Conduct (PPC)

Provides confirmation of a trainee's appropriate personal and professional conduct across the whole school.

Allows indication of need for support in cases where a trainee's conduct does not meet basic professional requirements.

SYUEA4 - PDF version

SYUEA4 - Word version


SYUEA5 - Weekly Log of Meeting with Mentor

Records main points of discussion during weekly mentor / trainee meetings.

Summarises weekly progress against the Teachers' Standards.

Identifies and updates areas for development on a weekly basis.

SYUEA5 - Word version

PDF version


SYUEA6 - School Teaching Evidence

Notes to provide guidance to the trainee to help them develop their teaching.

Most commonly used to record observation notes about trainee's teaching, but can be used outside the classroom too e.g. to provide comment about trainee's general assessment practice.

A means of regular formative assessment, and diagnostic in tone.

Trainees find the written detail helpful – differs from oral feedback, can be considered carefully at home, offers focus.

SYUEA6 - Word version

PDF version

SYUEA6 (ii) -  Word version

PDF Version


SYUEA7 - Support and Improvement Record

This provides opportunities for teachers and UEA tutors to record concerns about the conduct or performance of the trainee and for the trainee to agree remedial action.  

SYUEA7 -Word version

PDF version


SYUEA8 - Attendance and Written Feedback Record Sheet

Assists in monitoring the trainee's attendance and the range and frequency of guidance provided for trainees through classroom observation and the School Teaching Evidence format.

SYUEA8 -Word version

PDF version

SYUEA9 - Range of Professional Experience Record

An ‘aide-memoire' for the trainee, providing tracking prompts relating to involvement in the school community relevant to T8 and the Personal and Professional Conduct strand of the Standards.

Acts as an index of experiences and documents that will be gathered in the Trainee Professional Folder.

Transfers details of experience between placement schools.

SYUEA9 -Word version
PDF version