Class teacher meetings and information Class teacher meetings and information

Lesson Observation examples

Please find some examples of lesson observations to support you in giving clear, focused feedback against all the Teachers’ Standards.  There are a range of examples related to different curriculum areas and age groups.  Please use the appropriate EYFS, KS1 and KS2  ‘Guidance when Observing Teaching’ in different curriculum areas to support feedback to students which is clearly related to the appropriate curriculum area (School Placement Guide, p59-80).  


Science Year 4 - PDF

Maths Year 1 - PDF

Maths Year 4 - PDF

Maths Mixed Years 4/5/6 - PDF

English Year 4 - PDF

Communication Communication

Below are copies of the emails and powerpoints/PDFs sent to schools, listed with the most recent communication first.


FAP 1 information - PDF

Lesson Observation examples - PDF

Purple Mash CPD training - Word

Help with planning and preparation - PDF and Word

Ethics email - PDF and Word


Mentoring Students - PP

Documents for UCA presentation - PP

Class Teachers' Meeting presentation - PP

Class Teachers' Meeting

October Meeting School Direct

Attendees - PDF and Word

Non-attendees - PDF and Word


October Meeting Core

Attendees - PDF and Word

Non-attendees - PDF and Word