Dr Teresa Belton worked as a researcher from 1999 and is now a Visiting Fellow in the School. Her doctoral research was an exploration of the influence of television and videos on children’s imagination, resulting in her unpublished thesis: Belton, T. (1998) An Investigation of the Influence of Television and Videos on 10-12 Year-old Children’s Storymaking.  This began an interest in the origins of values, attitudes and behaviours, particularly with respect to wellbeing and to the environment, and in the relationship of boredom to imagination. She has also worked on a number of educational evaluation projects.

Her book Happier People Healthier Planet: How putting wellbeing first would help sustain life on Earth about the reciprocal relationship between personal wellbeing and environmental sustainability was published in September 2014 by SilverWood Books and has led to a succession of requests for talks/workshops, articles, and media appearances. 

Earlier she co-edited a book titled Food, Science and Society: Exploring the Gap between Expert Advice and Consumer Behaviour, to which she contributed a chapter on attitudes to eating fruit and vegetables.

List of Publications

Teresa Belton (2015): [Commentary on reviews of Naomi Klein (2014)] “This Changes Everything: Capitalism versus the climate”, Self & Society: An International Journal for Humanistic Psychology,

DOI: 10.1080/03060497.2015.1016782

Belton, Teresa (2014) Happier People Healthier Planet: How putting wellbeing first would help sustain life on Earth

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Belton, T. (Ed.) (1991) From Arms Race to World Peace: A Review of Attitudes. Boston, Lincs.; Richard Kay. [A booklet written by Norwich branch of Scientists Against Nuclear Armaments for sixth forms and the general public] 


Talks and Media Appearances

December 2016 The Conversation, blog on, Your serious pursuit of happiness is key to protecting the planet

September 2016 The Conversation, blog on, How kids can benefit from boredom

May 2015 Suffolk Festival of Ideas, Bury St Edmunds, talk Happier People for a More Sustainable World

April 2015 MailOnline Eight Steps

April 2015 IndependentOnline 9 Simple Things

March 2015 Burning Bush Barn, Rockland St Mary, Norfolk, talk: Spirituality, Creativity, Wellbeing and Sustainability

March 2015 Taunton, Somerset.  West Somerset Quakers Green Advisory Group public meeting: Happier People Healthier Planet

January 2015 BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour

December 2014 Norwich Sunday Assembly talk on “Stuff”

October 2014 Chelmsford Festival of Ideas presentation Wellbeing and City Living

November 2013 TEDx Teddington London event “Curiosity – Hope – Wonder” presentation Let your Mind Wander

August 2013 MediaEvolution conference “Power, Disruption, Lies” Malmö, Sweden, presentation on Boredom, Imagination and Media