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The School of Education and Lifelong Learning host regular research seminars, inviting speakers renowned in their field of research to share their knowledge with a wider audience. There are also some joint seminars hosted with the School of International Development.

All welcome, though please register for your place via email. Click on links to see full poster for further information.


Seminars 2019-20

Date & Venue

Speaker Title

27 Nov


TPSC 2.03

Ghislaine Gueudet The"Resource" approach to (mathematics) education

24 Jan


ARTS 01.01




Learning (and lack of it) in a Network of Organizations - Knowledge Construction in an NGO intervention in Schools in Rajasthan, India

18 Mar 2020

EFRY 01.02

Anna Robinson-Pant Inclusive Education: thinking beyond systems

Seminars 2018-19

Date & Venue Speaker Title

23 January 2019

TPSC 2.03

Jennifer Rowsell Affect and Makerspaces: Nuancing and Complicating Makerspace Research

13 February 2019

TPSC 2.03

Gunther Kress And where to from here? Formal education as mirror of "the Social" - reflecting on the period 1978 to 2018

22 May 2019

TPSC 2.03

Jill Jeffery Writing Development in Cross-National Perspective


Past Seminars





18th October 2017

17.30 - 19.00

JSC 2.02

Dr Jude Fransman, Open University

Learning Technologies for Transnational Research Networks

15th November 2017

17.30 - 19.00

TPSC 2.03

Professor  Ken Hyland,

University of East Anglia


Academic Interaction:Where's it all going?

19th January 2018

15.00 - 16.00

ARTS 2.03

Dr Michael Ward,

OECD Senior Policy Analyst

Pisa for Development

21st February 2018

17.30 - 19.00

TPSC 2.03

Professor Carey Jewitt,

University College London

Multimodality and Researching Touch

2nd March 2018

12.00 - 13.00

ARTS 2.03

Dr Tejendra Pherali,

UCL Institute of Education

Higher education and peace building: North-South partnership for academic development in Somaliland

6th March 2018

12.00 - 16.00


Professor David Barton and Professor Mary Hamilton

Brian Street Memorial Lecture

9th March 2018

12.00 - 13.00

ARTS 2.03

Dr Catherine Jere,

University of East Anglia

Enhancing social impact: research on improving learning and retention of children affected by HIV/AIDS in rural Malawi

24th April 2018

13.00 - 14.00

LSB 1.40

Dr Ursula Wingate,

King's College London

Tutor-Student interaction in one-to-one academic writing tutorials

4th May 2018

12.00 - 13.00

EFry 1.01

Dr Pablo Dalby,

University of East Anglia

Exploring power, privilege and transformative pedagogy in a gap year education programme in South America

23rd May 2018

12.00 - 13.00

ARTS 2.01

Dr Nelli Piattoeva

University of Tampere, Finland

Childhood and schooling in socialist and post-socialist societies

13th June 2018

17.30 - 19.00

TPSC 1.03

Professor Stephen Gorard,

Durham University

The 'New' Political Arithmetic of Poverty