The School of Education and Lifelong Learning host regular research seminars, inviting speakers renowned in their field of research to share their knowledge with a wider audience.

All welcome, unless stated as a ticketed event. Click on links to see posters for further information.

2015/2016 Seminars





9th November 2015,

13:00 – 14:00

JSC 1.03,

Professor Sarah White, University of Bath,

'Relational wellbeing, towards a process approach' [Jointly organised with Norwich Business School ESRC What Works Wellbeing Centre]

25th November 2015,

12:00- 13:30

ARTS 01.03

Dr. Clare Dowdall, Plymouth Institute of education, Plymouth University

Children’s text production in the 21st century: mastery, crafting and control

3rd December 2015,


LSB 01.21

Purna Shrestha (VSO International)

‘Action Research in Education: VSO experiences’ [Jointly organised with EDU PGCE Primary programme]

4th December 2015,

12:00 – 13:00

Arts 1.05

Professor Pauline Rose, University of Cambridge

 'Is learning for all achievable by 2030?'

11th December 2015,

12 – 13:00

Arts Room 2.03

Dr. Nidhi Singal, University of Cambridge 


‘Learning to be Together, Being together to Learn: Dilemmas around inclusive education in an Indian classroom’.

16th December 2015,

17:00- 18:30

LSB 1.40

Dr. Alex Channon, School of Sport & Service

Management, University of Brighton

Hit me!’ Gendered problems in mixed-sex martial arts training

27th January 2016,


LSB 1.40

Prof. Maggie Maclure, Education & Social Research Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University

"Prodigious performances, posthuman subjectivities: young children performing on YouTube"

10th February 2016,


LSB 1.40

Dr. Olov Viirman, Agder University, Norway

University lecturers’ perspectives on mathematical pedagogy

24th February 2016,

17:00- 18:30

LSB 1.40

Dr. Lyndon Martin, York University, Canada


Growing mathematical understanding and folding back: The individual, the collective, the teacher

9th March 2016, 17:00- 18:30

LSB 1.40

Prof. Martin Mills, School of Education, University of Queensland, Australia Alternative schools in a competitive marketplace


20th April 2016, 17:00- 18:30

LSB 1.40

Prof. Keri Facer, Graduate School of Education,

University of Bristol

Creating Living Knowledge: Understanding interdisciplinary and community-engaged research in the arts, humanities and social sciences