Applying for a PhD Applying for a PhD

Apply for ESRC Studentships here - application deadline 20 Jan 2020.

Apply for UEA Social Science Faculty studentships here – application deadline 20 Jan 2020.

PhD candidates are expected to undertake advanced, independent research on topics related to the Research Groups and staff in the School. Applicants are strongly encouraged to consult the research expertise and interests page to find a suitable primary supervisor for their area of research. All research students will be allocated a team of supervisors to guide them through the programme of independent study. In addition to supervisory support towards independent study on your thesis, you will benefit from cutting-edge, faculty supported advanced doctoral training, as well as personal and professional development (PPD) courses.

We also welcome applications for part-time PhD study from both UK and international candidates. The part-time route offers flexible, online, blended and face-to-face provision to suit the needs of education professionals, for example TESOL practitioners who wish to complete a part-time PhD whilst working overseas.

Research proposals should not exceed 2000 words and you can find some guidance on writing your proposal here.

Make your application through our online application process. If you wish to speak to someone about your application, please contact the PGR Admissions Director – Professor Anna Robinson-Pant or for general enquiries, contact the Postgraduate Research Admissions Office. The registration dates are: October, January, April and July. We strongly advise applicants to plan to join by October as the training and seminar programmes run from October - May each year.

Applicants are normally expected to have a Master's degree. PhD applicants are registered directly onto the PhD programme, the first year of which will be considered a probationary period. Probation must be confirmed within the first twelve months of full-time study (twenty-four months for part-time students) by a School review panel composed of members and non-members of your supervisory team. The specific requirements of probation can be accessed here. If you have further questions about this, please contact the PGR (Postgraduate Research) Director – Dr. Agnieszka Bates

Self-funded PGR students who have their PhD based abstracts/papers accepted at any UK/Europe-based conference can apply for financial support to attend such conferences (registration fees, travel and accommodation for example). Applications for such requests must be made to the School’s Research Director Yann Lebeau. In addition all PGR students in EDU can apply for support through the Faculty Training Fund

In addition, the School’s PGR students are eligible to be nominated (mainly by supervisors) for the Social Science Faculty PGR Prizes - currently offered to a) the best paper/conference proceeding authored by a PGR student; b) best teaching contribution; c) public engagement and d) the PGR who has made the best contribution to the PGR community (peer- nominated prize).