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Mario Caccamo

Dr. Mario Caccamo

Research interests:

Bioinformatics, Assembly algorithms, Genomics, Logic


Jo Dicks

Dr. Jo Dicks

Research interests:

Comparative genomics Data mining,Phylogenetics, Crop plant genetics


Martin Howard

Prof. Martin Howard

Research interests:

Uncovering complex dynamics even in systems with few components and apparently simple interactions

Dr. Dan Maclean

Dr. Dan Maclean

Research interests

Genomics,in particular the development of new tools and methods for detection and visualisation of genetic polymorphisms from next-generation sequencing data


Richard Morris

Dr. Richard Morris

Research interests:

Pattern Recognition and artificial intelligence, Enzymology and Quantum chemistry, Automated protein model building, Structural biomolecule analysis


John Walshaw

Dr. John Walshaw

Research interests:

Protein sequence/Structure analysis, Proteomics,Meta-omics