Members and research fellows Members and research fellows


Gavin Cawley Dr. Gavin Cawley

Research interests:
Transcriptomics, Gene regulation, Bayesian survival analysis, Kernal learning methods in computational biology 



Chris Greenman
Dr. Chris Greenman

Research interests:
Rearrangement phylogeny, modelling selection, stochastic processes, applications in genomics


Steven Hayward
Dr. Steven Hayward

Research interests:
Protein structure, protein dynamics, biogeometry, enzyme mechanism



Katharina Huber

Dr. Katharina Huber

Research interests:
Phylogenetic trees, Phylogenetic networks



Vincent Moulton

Prof. Vincent Moulton

Research interests:
Phylogenetics, RNA bioinformatics, Algorithms in molecular biology, Metabolic modelling



Taoyang Wu

Dr. Taoyang Wu

Research interests:
Phylogenetics,Protein-Protein interactions ,Discrete mathematics (combinatorics, graph theory) and their applications in biology.


Visiting Fellows

Richard Kennaway

Dr. Richard Kennaway

Research interests:
Mathematical modelling of growing plants




Daniel BrewerDr. Daniel Brewer

Research interests:

Applying and developing novel analytic techniques to large-scale genomic and expression datasets from human tumour samples to answer clinically relevant questions in translational cancer research