Cross-school seminar series Cross-school seminar series

EARS (East Anglian Research Synthesis network) is a monthly cross-school seminar series on 2 levels.

  • General meetings for the PhD students and staff involved in systematic reviewing, especially as numbers across UEA are rising, and across a wider range of schools – to include MED, PHA, ENV, COMP, DEV, ECO among others.
  • More specialised meetings on methodology of systematic reviews and meta-analysis

EARS is organised jointly by Prof. Elena Kulinskaya of the School of Computing Sciences (CMP)Prof. Fujian Song and Dr. Lee Hooper both from Norwich Medical School (NMS).

This Spring semester 2013, we aim to expand the methodology direction of the EARS by inviting several well known researchers from other institutions to talk on the latest developments in methodology of systematic reviews. We aim to acquire expertise in the key areas where we wish to build on our existing track record in future research, particularly to bring together strands of research that have to date been pursued separately.

See a list of EARS seminars from January 2012 to present.