Members of Smart Emerging Technologies Members of Smart Emerging Technologies

Faculty Members

Min Hane AungDr. Min Hane Aung

Research interests:

Ambient Intelligence for Human Behaviour Understanding, Affect Recognition and Digital Mental Health



Oliver BuckleyDr. Oliver Buckley

Research interests:

Cyber security, Understanding and Detecting Insider Threats, Privacy, Trust, Digital Identity, Data leakage, Novel identification methods, Behavioural biometrics, Security visualisation, Machine learning and all in security, Socio-technical security


Stephen CoxProf. Stephen Cox

Research interests:

Speech recognition, audio-visual speech recognition, speech processing, music processing



Richard HarveyProf. Richard Harvey

Research interests:

Computer Vision, Human Computer Interaction, new technologies and their effect on society



Jason LinesDr. Jason Lines

Research interests:

Time Series Classification, Machine Learning and AI, On-chip Classification, Low-powered Classification, Autonomous Aerial Vehicles, Autonomous Marine Vessels, Classification of Electrical Devices from Smart Meters


Pam MayhewDr. Pam Mayhew

Research interests:

Computer  usability



Ben MilnerDr. Ben Milner

Research interests:

Audio and visual speech processing, Speech Enhancement, Machine Learning   



Gerard ParrProf. Gerard Parr

Research interests:

Wireless Sensor Clouds, Disaster Response Communications, Massive Data Acquisition and Transport Protocols, Delay-sensitive protocols and energy-aware autonomic networking for sensor-clouds and edge computing


Edwin RenDr. Edwin Ren

Research interests:

Internet of Things and 5G Mobile Technology: Security, Performance analysis, Protocol design, Radio resource allocation, Mobile edge computing, WiFi & Bluetooth Technology, 3GPP, LTE, Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV)


Dan SmithDr. Dan Smith

Research interests:

Smart Cities, E-government, Healthcare, Usability and Accessibility, User experience



Sarah TaylorDr. Sarah Taylor

Research interests:

Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Audio-visual Processing and Time Series Classification


Wanqing ZhaoDr. Wanqing Zhao

Research interests:

Machine learning, optimisation algorithms, autonomous systems, model-based predictive control and their applications in energy and water management, smart city and industry 4.0.

Tahmina ZebinDr. Tahmina Zebin

Research interests:

Medical image and signal processing, Artificial intelligence, Edge computing, Risk prediction modelling from Electronic Health Records.



Visiting Professor

Nader AzarmiProf. Nader Azarmi

Head of Global Research & Innovation- BT