Research degrees: three principal themes Research degrees: three principal themes

Research in chemistry represents each of the three core branches of the subject, but is also highly cooperative across them, resulting in three principal research themes.

Synthetic chemistry research includes: methodology; biological and medicinal target molecule synthesis; synthesis of functional materials, and organometallics and polymerisation catalysts.

Research in Physical and Analytical chemistry encompasses: theoretical method development; laser spectroscopy (with applications in surface science, biophysics and atmospheric chemistry); the development of ‘smart' polymers and biosensors; bioanalytical chemistry; and mass spectrometry for forensic analysis.

Many of the faculty with interests in Synthetic and Physical and Analytical chemistry are members of the Wolfson Materials and Catalysis Centre.

Biophysical chemistry research includes: the development and application of biophysical methods for studying biomolecules, including novel magneto-optical spectroscopies and direct voltammetric methods; high resolution structural methods; and protein biochemistry.

Several faculty members with interests in Biological chemistry are members of the Centre for Molecular and Structural Biochemistry (CMSB) which incorporates the Henry Wellcome Laboratories for Biophysical Chemistry.

An important aspect of chemistry research at UEA is a collaborative spirit that has led to strong interactions not only across the three principal themes, but also with Pharmacy, the other Science Schools, and the Research Institutes on the Norwich Research Park.

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Opportunities to join our research can be found via the project links below. In addition, details of the research performed across the School of Chemistry can be found here and prospective students are welcome to contact supervisors in whose research they are interested to explore the opportunities. Staff research pages can be viewed via the School web pages at the address above where contact details can also be found. Prospective students are also welcome to contact for further information about Research Degrees at UEA. It is anticipated that the majority of successful applicants will start on 1 October each year but some may be able to start at one of the University's other standard entry points (1 January, 1 April and 1 July).

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