Visiting speakers and symposiums Visiting speakers and symposiums

School of Chemistry – Visiting Speakers 2017

Tuesday 17th January
Prof. Thomas Nann (Director, The MacDiarmid Institute, New Zealand)
Title:  Electro-spun nanofibre electrodes for energy conversion and storage
Venue: JSC 0.01
Time:  12:00

Wednesday 25th January
Prof. Lee Cronin (University of Glasgow)
Title: Investigating Electron Transfer Reactions in Polyoxometalate Clusters
Venue: E.FRY 1.01
Time: 14:00

Wednesday 1st March
Prof. Sabine Flitsch (University of Manchester)
Title: De novo reaction cascades for biocatalysis
Venue: Julian Study Centre, JSC 1.02
Time: 14:00

Wednesday 8th March
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Dr. Mike Hough (University of Essex)
Title: Spectroscopic fingerprinting of redox states in protein crystals: Validation and Functional Insights
Venue: Queens 1.08
Time: 14:00

Wednesday 29th March
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Prof. Claudia Höbartner  (Georg-August-University, Göttingen)  
Biochemical Society Sponsored Seminar
Title: Bioorganic chemistry with catalytic DNA and modified RNA
Venue: ARTS 01.02
Time: 14:00

Wednesday 12th April
Dr. Rebecca Melen (Cardiff University)
Title: BCF and beyond: Modern advances in borylation chemistry
Venue: LT4
Time: 14:00

Wednesday 26th April
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Prof R.J. Dwayne Miller (University of Toronto)
RSC Centenary Prize Lecture April 2017
Title: Mapping Atomic Motions with Ultrabright Electrons: Realization of the Chemists’ Gedanken Experiment
Venue: LT4
Time: 14:00

Wednesday 3rd May
Prof. Graeme Hogarth (Kings College, London)
Title: Biomimetics of the iron-only hydrogenase enzyme
Venue: LT4
Time: 14:00

Wednesday 17th May
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Prof. Georgios Tsaparlis (University of Ioannina, Greece)
RSC Education award and medal presentation
Title: Problem solving in chemistry education: issues, problems and solutions
Venue: LT4
Time: 14:00

Wednesday 24th May
Dr. Russell Taylor (Durham University)
Title: Alkane Activation and Functionalisation by Zeolites - Elucidating the Role of Zeotype and Extra-framework Metal
Venue: ARTS 2.01
Time: 14:00

Wednesday 14th June
Prof. Oliver Einsle (University of Freiburg)
Title: TBA
Venue: Julian Study Centre (JSC 0.01)
Time: 14:00