Health, well being and equality Health, well being and equality

- Student Support Service

Every weekday (from 9 am to 5 pm), the Student Support Office at UEA provides students and staff with professional support for a wide range of academic and health issues.

- Health and Wellbeing

The University offers professional support for students and staff encountering physical emotional and mental health problems, and operates under the Confidentiality Policy of the Dean of Students' Office.

- Counselling Services

Counselling services (usually 8 sessions) are also provided to students and staff within the University Wellbeing Service at the Dean of Students´office. Counselling provision can be gain within workshops organised at the University and that can be attended, free of charge, by students and staff members.

- Occupational Health Services

The University Medical Centre provides occupational health to all UEA staff and some UEA student groups via the Occupational Health Department.

- UEA Medical Centre

All students and staff members at the University can register with a GP at the University Medical Centre. The telephone number of the Medical Centre is 01603 251600 (this is not a UEA telephone number and needs to be dialled in full).

Furthermore, a Dental Practice is located in the University Medical Centre and appointments can be made by phone (01603 592173) regarding different treatments.

- Advisors and Mentors

The University has an Academic Advising System for the pastoral care of undergraduate and postgraduate students. All students in the School are allocated an adviser who is a member of ATR or ATS staff and their ‘academic friend’ supporting them throughout the course and discussing with them any issues, academic or personal, that affect their studies.

The Academic Advisers are supported by Chemistry’s undergraduate and PGT Senior Adviser (male) Dr Stephen Ashworth, and Deputy Senior Adviser (female) Dr Maria Munoz-Herranz, whom students can approach directly, or be referred to. This gender balance in roles allows for gender issues to be addressed by one or other of the role holders.

More information and useful links can be found in our undergraduate handbook.

Our PGR Senior Advisor is Prof Andy Cammidge.

Our RA Coordinator and Senior Advisor is Dr Garth Jones.

- Disability Liaison Officer

Chemistry has a Disability Liaison Officer, Dr Stephen Ashworth, who provides students with a point of reference for advice and guidance about disability issues and support. The Disability Liaison Officer liaises regularly with the Disability Coordinator at the Student Support Service in relation to general policies and procedures and individual requirements.

- Resnet (Women in Science)

The Norwich Research Park supports female staff via a network that promotes gender equality (RESNET). Postgraduate students, researchers, lecturers and support and administrative staff of any gender are welcome to the events organised by this network.

- Equality Network for Staff

The University is committed to providing staff with a fair and respectful workplace in which we can all achieve our fullest potential. The University is establishing several networks that provide the opportunity for members of staff to meet on a regular basis and contribute to online discussions.