Family support Family support

- UEA-Nursery

The UEA provides an excellent working environment for family with an on-site Nursery available to both students and staff members. The nursery opens every day between 8.30 am to 5.30 pm and offers flexible timetables. The UEA Nursery provides reduced fees for undergraduate and postgraduate students during term time. The Nursery building is located within walking distance from the School of Chemistry. For more information about the UEA Nursery you can visit their website.

- Baby feeding and Changing Room

To support female students and staff to return to university after maternity leave, UEA has a family room set up in the basement of the Elizabeth Fry Building. The room is located within walking distance of both the School of Chemistry and the UEA Nursery. The baby feeding room is also equipped with a baby changing station, fridge and microwave in addition to a bottle and food warmer. For more information about how to access the room, please contact the Hub in the Elizabeth Fry Building on 01603597578.

- Parental and Dependants Leave

The University has policies in place to support those with changing family circumstances.

- Paternity Leave

Paternity leave is allowable to undergraduates and PGRs within Chemistry during their partner’s pregnancy or within three months of childbirth. Paid paternity leave will not result in additional payment or an extension to the award holder’s period of study. Requests for additional unpaid paternity leave over a longer period can be made and are subject to the approval of a corresponding period of intercalation.

- Cover For Maternity And Adoption Leave And Support On Return

CHE supports all members of staff and research associates undertaking maternity/adoption leave. When a member of staff is on maternity leave their teaching is covered by existing staff where possible. When the teaching cannot be covered by existing staff, the School has the ability to recruit some temporary teaching assistance. A member of staff on leave can work for up to 10 days during her maternity leave (‘keeping in touch days’). These days can be used for training purposes, meetings with research students/research associates or departmental meetings so that they member of staff is able to maintain contact with the School. Returning staff are supported with the transition and flexible working requests are encouraged and accommodated where possible in accordance with UEA policy.

The Science Faculty has a "Return to Work Career Development Fund" that is designed to support career development and transition back to work following a significant period of absence, which would normally be of at least six months, due to parental leave, adoption leave, caring responsibilities or ill health. The funding can be used flexibly, examples include IT equipment or software, associate tutor support or an accompanying person on a conference or field trip. There is no upper limit to each award, but awards do not generally exceed £1,000 per application. To apply for the fund or for further details, you can contact the fund secretary (Siobhán Dorai-Raj,, access the form here, or complete the form online:

- Flexible Working

The procedures for flexible working arrangements are governed by UEA policy and are available to all staff and RAs on the intranet. Parents of children and carers of adults can request flexible working arrangements. Flexible working arrangements can also be negotiated with the Head of School on an informal basis. Home working and flexible start and finish times are relatively common within the School.

For undergraduate and postgraduate students who do not wish to intercalate, we develop flexible working arrangements and modify research plans and targets to best aid the student’s in completing their studies in a timely manner.

- Absence and Annual Leave

There are a number of reasons why employees may need time off work and UEA is has the policies in place to support these needs.