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The Chemistry’s Equality and Diversity Assessment Review (CEDAR) group includes representatives from Academics, Research Associates (RA) and Postgraduate Research Students, together with administrative staff and representatives of the Equality and Diversity Committee and Human Resources.

The CEDAR group has been created to help. You can contact them to obtain information about the Athena Swan and to provide suggestion about possible action plans and feedback. They will bring the suggestions to the regular meeting and implement them when appropriate.

CEDAR members are:

Garth Jones – Chair
Siobhán Dorai-Raj – Project Co-ordinator
Anna Fuller – Outreach Co-ordinator
Richard Stephenson – Employability Director
Joanne Burd – Chemistry School Manager
Mark Searcey – HoS
Nick Le Brun – Head of Research
Stephen Ashworth – Senior Advisor
Steve Meech – PGR Director
Vasily Oganesyan – RA Co-ordinator
Tulaine Kent - Undergraduate representative