Project: Exploring sensitive outcomes and a theory of change in international social work

Funder: School of Social Work

Dates: 2004 – 2006

Research Team: Professor Marian Brandon

This study contributed to a theory of change model being generated by a group of international researchers. The methodology for this international project was agreed between the eight participating countries so that studies could be replicated as closely as possible in each country. A modest and simple single case study design, using qualitative methods was used to help provide the rich contextual data needed to be able to compare and contrast the studies internationally. The resulting articles were published in a special edition of devoted to the work of the International Association for Outcome Based Evaluation and Research on Family and Children's Services. My study highlights the uncertain future for family centres within the English policy climate, but demonstrates family centres' usefulness in contributing to staff well being and staff retention as well as to family support.

Brandon M (2006) ‘Confident workers, confident families: Exploring sensitive outcomes in family centre work in England' International Journal of Child and Family Welfare, Vol 9, no1-2 pp63-78). Click here to view the full report.