In 2013 the Department for Education commissioned the NSPCC, Sequeli and Action for Children to form a partnership to design and deliver a programme of training and support to improve the quality of children's serious case reviews. The programme consisted of knowledge and skills training for independent reviewers, action learning sets for independent reviewers and taster workshops on different methodological approaches to reviewing. The programme concluded with seminars for Chairs of LSCBs (who commissioned serious case reviews). The programme was supported by a set of training materials for reviewers and commissioning materials for LSCB Chairs.

This year long programme was independently evaluated by Marian Brandon, Pippa Belderson and Sue Bailey from CRCF. The final evaluation report, with associated training and commissioning materials (which have been produced by Sequeli) can be found below.

Improving the Quality of Serious Case Reviews Through Support and Training: Independent Evaluation - Sept 2014

Appendix 1 - Training Materials and LSCB Commissioning Materials

The programme for the 2 day training events and seminars that were also part of the evaluation are available on the Sequeli website here.