MyCareerCentral & UEA Award MyCareerCentral & UEA Award

UEA Award Home Page

The UEA Award is completed via a system and set of forms on the MyCareerCentral site. When you join the Award you have your own personalised Award page (opposite) which you can reach from your dashboard page.

A face-to-face orientation session is available on how to use the MyCareerCentral system and write up Award submissions, and you will receive dates of this training when you sign up. A quick start guide and comprehensive help sheet are also available to help you navigate the system.

You complete a short statement for every activity you want to submit via a form on MyCareerCentral. This involves listing your main tasks or responsibilities, considering which attributes you have developed and writing a short statement that can be used later on your CV.

Your Award page charts your progress through the Award and you also receive e-mails to tell you when an activity has been approved. Forms for different Award categories are linked to this progress page to fill in, and resources and help sheets are linked here and within forms to give you guidance about how to complete the sections.