Marketing resources for Entrepreneurs Marketing resources for Entrepreneurs


The 11 step start-up launch marketing plan, via Smart Insights

An introductory guide to launching a marketing plan, exploring themes such as brand development, digital PR and guerrilla marketing.

Ultimate Guide to Start-Up Marketing, via Kissmetrics

A thorough guide to designing a marketing strategy, covering social media, content creation and start-up PR.

Tools and Resources


Free-to-use online graphic design software which includes a tool specifically for designing social media graphics.


Photo management and sharing platform containing millions of images, many of which are free to use to develop marketing materials.


An online platform which allows you to manage all of your social media marketing activities from one place.

Quadro Design – brand framework

A useful framework exploring the key elements in designing an effective brand which reflects the goals, key values and essence that define a start-up.


Free website builder.


Free website and blog creator.


'Building Brand – The Power of Social Media', Darryl D’Souza - TEDx Talk

Entrepreneur and social media expert Daryl D’Souza explores the power of social media, and the exposure that it can bring for new start-ups.

'How to Create a Marketing Strategy', Marcus Hemsley

Marcus Hemsley of Fountain Partnership explores how to harness the power of evidence-based marketing to create an effective marketing strategy.

'Start with Why', Simon Sinek - TEDx talk

Inspirational and motivational talk in which Simon Sinek explains how identifying your 'why' - the purpose, belief or cause that drives your venture - can transform how you market yourself, and get your intended message across.