Market research tools Market research tools



A comprehensive online business support library with a comprehensive guide of how to carry out start-up market research, as well as how to design questionnaires. (Accessible when logged into any UEA computer.)

Companies House

Government-provided library of freely available financial information about your potential competitors, with guidance on starting, running and closing a company.


World-leading market intelligence agency which provides market analysis, competitive intelligence and reports on consumer trends across a number of sectors to support your market research. (Accessible via UEA account)

‘Researching Your Market’, via HSBC Knowledge Centre

A step-by-step guide designed for effective market research, which explores different sources of information and research methods to analyse the market.

Tools and Resources


One of the largest sources of private company information in Europe, used by over 175,000 companies. Their tool can also help you identify businesses to engage with, and identify potential competitors – a free trial of this is available.

Google Trends

Search and compare keywords relating to your business idea, and measure their trajectory of interest over a period of time (in terms of Google searches).


Platform which facilitates market research by allowing registered start-ups to upload a task/survey for participants to complete.

Survey Monkey

Create, share and analyse surveys which will enable you to gather information and feedback about a potential product or service, and gain more of an insight into market trends.