Crowdfunding: Raising money from many donors Crowdfunding: Raising money from many donors

The premise of crowdfunding is based on online platforms which enable small firms and start-ups to raise funds from many small investors, either by selling an equity stake, or in return for ‘rewards’ and discounts related to a product or service (this usually includes pre-sales). There are a large number of crowdfunding platforms focusing on various needs and sectors.


UK Crowdfunding Association

Organisation which aims to be the voice of all crowdfunding businesses in the UK, and promote crowdfunding as a viable avenue for raising funds.


The Nesta directory contains an exhaustive list of currently active crowdfunding platforms.

Rewards-based crowdfunding sites

Equity based crowdfunding sites


‘Crowdfunding today, tomorrow, together’ John Trigonis - TEDx Talk

Successful crowdfunder and author of ‘Crowdfunding for Filmmakers’ John Trigonis demonstrates how you can harness the immense power of crowdfunding to turn your idea into a reality.