Try A New Challenge Try A New Challenge

“Although an area I am completely unfamiliar with, I loved this project because it was challenging in so many ways for both my team and me. The issue of ethics allowed the team to get to know each other and what their individual core values were, which enabled them to gel very quickly and explore all aspects. A live project like this is exciting and real which I felt gave my team more determination in the conclusion.”

“It is a brilliant idea, which links industry with academia… I loved every aspect of the process, seeing students develop, sharing ideas and getting significant results.”

John Farley, Business Mentor for i-Team- Tomato Cosmetics- 2019

Creativity and Research Creativity and Research

“I felt the programme was really well balanced, offering very relevant and informative training sessions and allowing time for creativity and research in the team working time.”

Michele Bishop, Business Mentor for i-Team- Fluorometric Assays- 2019

Highly Rewarding Highly Rewarding

"Mentoring is highly rewarding.  It was a joy to see mentees expand and develop their ideas and understanding and realise their skills and knowledge can be applied to new areas. I thoroughly enjoyed working with my team of students; learning about the other projects and meeting the whole i-Teams support structure."

Chris Liggett, Heritage Business Mentor for i-Team- Adnams Heritage Expansion- 2019

Put innovative ideas to the test Put innovative ideas to the test

“I really enjoyed it. This experience was my first step into research-based entrepreneurship and innovation. It is a great opportunity to develop enterprise skills, especially for inexperienced people. I have learnt how to put innovative ideas to the test, have worked in a team around a business project, built up my confidence in talking to people, and expand my professional network. It also opened my mind about the current innovations in several disciplines. I recommend i-Teams to anyone interested in making impact from research.”

Aurore Coince Earlham Institute UEA-NRP i-Teams - toxicity and antibiotic efficacy model - 2016

Hands-on Perspective Hands-on Perspective

"i-Teams provided me with a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the commercialisation of an invention developed at UEA.  It offers a unique hands-on perspective of the commercialisation process that I would be unlikely to experience to the same degree during my PhD otherwise.  I developed skills in creative thinking, teamwork and presenting to audiences."

Ben Hales, JIC UEA/NRP i-Team - health economics modelling tool - 2016 

Shaped My Entire Outlook Shaped My Entire Outlook

"i-Teams shaped my entire outlook on my professional life. I refined many skills during my experience including how to manage a diverse team under pressure, how to innovate and how to pitch to meet your audience. After i-Teams, I had a renewed sense of what was important to me, and how I had many more transferable skills than I had ever given myself credit for."

Mark Kirkwood QIB i-Team- 2017

Furthered confidence in networking Furthered confidence in networking

“I really enjoyed participating in i-Teams and would definitely recommend it to everyone. I learnt about how to approach contacts within professional companies and hold successful conversations about the project I was working on. I had never done anything like this before, so it was a great experience of the business side of innovation and entrepreneurship. This furthered my confidence and skills in networking and presenting under formal situations which are good skills to have for future work.”

Jessica Watt, BIO UEA/NRP i-Teams - insect detection technology - 2016

You'd be crazy to miss such an opportunity! You'd be crazy to miss such an opportunity!

"Being a 3rd year PhD student stuck in a lab most of your day, you don't really get much of a chance to explore things outside of your research. i-Teams provided me with a great opportunity to link the skills that I have gained in my research area with the new knowledge that I acquire about the business world and the commercialisation of science. We also got hands on experience networking and conversing with field experts in the pharmaceutical industry. You'd be crazy to miss such an opportunity!”

Tiffany Yim, BIO UEA/NRP i-Team - health economics modelling tool – 2016

Facilitated IsoChemiX spin-out Facilitated IsoChemiX spin-out

"i-Teams was a fantastic experience. My i-Team were great, they helped me gain insight, depth and breadth on the project. Without them I am sure we would have found it much harder to spin out IsoChemiX. I would give the scheme 10 out of 10!"

Dr Sean Bew Inventor and founder of IsoChemiX spin-out from high fidelity chemical labelling technology i-Teams 2015

A taste of the real world A taste of the real world

"For me iTeams was very exciting and useful because the project was a taste of the real world, totally different from academia. I would highly recommend iTeams for every PhD student."

Nicolle Som UEA/NRP i-Team - high fidelity chemical labelling technology - 2015

Closest Thing To Working At A Company Closest Thing To Working At A Company

"In my experience, participating in i-Teams is the closest thing to working for an innovative company. I now work in a fast-paced biotech where the projects and teams are very interdisciplinary and the projects are driven by strict timelines."

Elliot Lawrence, i-Teams 2017- Illumina    

Insights into the world of enterprise Insights into the world of enterprise

"Being immersed in generating novel ideas towards developing innovative and exciting inventions designed by real inventors was highly rewarding and imaginative. I acquired valuable knowledge and transferable skills in the areas of intellectual property and business, and developed keen insights into the world of enterprise, entrepreneurship and commercialisation."

Ian Young UEA/NRP i-Team - continuous monitoring medical device - 2015

The ideal stepping stone The ideal stepping stone

"I was beginning to contemplate a career outside of academia where I could use my skills developed during my Postdoc. i-Teams was an ideal stepping stone which fitted around my research position but gave me new skills and training to put on my CV regarding innovation, entrepreneurship and working at the interface between academia and business. The experience gained gave me the confidence and enthusiasm to secure a new role in intellectual property management."

Faye Outram UEA/NRP i-Team - high fidelity chemical labelling technology – 2015

Identifying commercial potential Identifying commercial potential

"The i-team was a great facilitator in terms of getting in touch with industrial partners and to identify the commercialisation potential of our invention"

Dr Thomas Mock, Inventor, UEA School of Environmental Sciences, Rapid Growth Algae, Easter 2012

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