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What is an i-Team?

Each i-Team is made up of up to seven members (PGRs and postdocs), selected to be as multi-disciplinary as possible. Every team has a dedicated industry mentor, and is also supported by Dr Faye Outram and Alison Northwood (RIN Intellectual Property Officers) and Dr Rosemary Bass (Postgraduate Careers Advisor) throughout the project.

Do I need previous business/commercial experience?

Not at all. Any PGR or postdocs from UEA, JIC, Sainsbury Laboratory, QI and the Earlham Institute can apply to join i-Teams, whether or not you have previous commercial experience. Teams are chosen to have as broad a range of backgrounds as possible, and all your specific knowledge and experience may well prove to be useful. The main requirement is to be enthusiastic and willing to try out new approaches.

Do I need relevant technical knowledge?

No, and you don't need to be a scientist either. We specifically look for teams to be multi-disciplinary, so while one or two team members may have a background directly relevant to the technology, most of the team members will not. Our aim is to take a fresh view of the invention, to see if it can be used in applications and markets outside the researcher's own experience.

What is Heritage i-Teams?

Heritage i-Teams was introduced to the i-Teams programme in 2018 and was a great success! We will be running two heritage as standard each year going forward. Unlike the technology prjects, heritage i-Teams works with external organisations to develop a project or solve a problem. To find out more, check out our heritage page here.

Can I use my own project?

No, projects are chosen by the i-Teams coordinator in conjunction with Intellectual Property (IP) Managers in RIN at UEA and with Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation Managers across the NRP. The projects will be pre-selected for their relevance and commercial potential.

Do I need to apply as part of an existing team?

No, we ask for people to apply separately. Teams are selected from individual applications, to ensure that the team members have as broad a range of backgrounds as possible.

When does it run?

The programme will run for 12 weeks between January and  March/April 2020. The final presentation will take place in the last week at the Enterprise Centre.

How much time does it take?

There will be group and team meetings every week, from 18:30 to 21:00, with food available from 18:00 to fuel your creativity. In addition, you will be expected to put in at least four hours of individual work each week.

What about Intellectual Property?

i-Teams members will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement. The final presentation will be vetted by an IP Manager to ensure that confidential and commercially sensitive information is not divulged at the public meeting.

i-Teams members also agree that they will not be entitled to any revenue-sharing should the project later result in successful commercialisation.

More questions?

Email us at and we will do our best to help.