DeLuscious, traditional German fast food DeLuscious, traditional German fast food

Deluscious, traditional German food


T: @de_lu_scious

Name: Lucia Olszewski

Course: Intercultural Communication with Business Management

DeLuscious is a small fast food restaurant on wheels specialising in traditional German fast food. The aim is to provide high quality fast food that is also unique in Norfolk, with most of the raw materials coming straight from Germany.

Tell us a little bit more about DeLuscious

My business is a tiny fast food restaurant on wheels specialising in traditional German fast food. It sounds simple, however, my aim is to provide high quality fast food that is also unique in Norfolk. Most of my raw materials will be imported from Germany to give my business authenticity. I am German myself so luckily I have a good knowledge about the products I'm selling. 
The reasons for setting it up were primarily financial. In my first year at UEA, I had three jobs besides my studies as I had to pay for my accommodation myself. This was incredibly stressful, so I decided to be my own boss. Moreover, this gave me the chance to put theory from my lectures into practice.

How did UEA Enterprise help you?

I am not quite sure if I would have made it without UEA Enterprise. These guys supported me with the necessary resources such as funding and a mentor who guided me through the start-up process. This meant I was able to purchase my trailer and other equipment. My mentor is one of the most impressive people I have ever met and I am incredibly grateful and proud to be her mentee. She helped me give meaning to my business, supported me in financial matters such as accounting and also introduced me to the Norfolk Food Business Network. UEA Enterprise has helped me make my dream of running my own business come true, to gain a deeper understanding of business management than would have been possible without it and eventually, to save my studies by giving me the opportunity to finance my accommodation in a more efficient way.

What worries did you have while setting up your business, and how did you overcome them?

Although I am generally a hard-working and confident person, I had a lot of worries! 'Will I have enough time for my studies?', 'Do people think I am setting up another greasy boring food business?', 'Can I manage finances in the UK like taxes, accountancy, etc. since I'm not familiar with those regulations?' and 'Are people actually interested in German fast food?'. Those are just a few, and yes, there were many more. But in the end, you will never know until you try! I realised that I had nothing to lose. And even if it did not work out in the end, it was a valuable experience. UEA Enterprise has also helped me to overcome them by matching me with my mentor who believed in my business and who pretty much eliminated my worries.

Setting up your own business comes with risks. But really, the question is whether you are enthusiastic and optimistic about it. There will be stones on your way, but there is no stone in the world big enough to leave you with no way out.