ArtKore, Korean artwork ArtKore, Korean artwork

ArtKore, Korean Artwork




Name: Seol Song

Course: MA Globalisation, Business and Sustainable Development 

ArtKore Ltd. is a London based online art gallery presenting authentic Korean art by talented Korean artists worldwide. We select exclusive and unique artwork directly from the artist's studios in Korea to showcase their characterful and quality work to art lovers, collectors and companies worldwide.

Through the ArtKore online platform, everyone can purchase special artwork in a safe and secure way. Our artwork is difficult to find anywhere else in Europe.

ArtKore is one of the best places to visit if you want to upgrade your room or office to a better standard with special, quality artwork, or if you want to buy as an investment. Full support and advice will be provided depending on the purpose of your purchase. We provide authentication for all artwork. We guarantee that all transactions and purchase procedures are transparent, with safe and rapid delivery.

ArtKore also organises offline pop-up exhibitions, and holds exhibitions at the main art galleries in London, to showcase contemporary Korean art in an innovative way and to access new audiences.

I started this business after I found out that there is no specific place where art lovers can enjoy Korean work in Europe. There are some galleries presenting a few Korean artists, however I wanted to reduce the distance, language and culture barriers and ensure that everyone can enjoy Korean art.

How did UEA Student Enterprise help you?

I felt safe and supported since I could always ask a question and seek help when I had some difficulties moving forward. They sent me links and information when I asked and also when there was some related information.

What worries did you have while setting up your business, and how did you overcome them?

My worry was, and still is, the amount of work I need to do as well as finding the right person for a task when I need some help. I am still finding my way because it is my first time running a business - so there's always something to learn, but that's all part of the fun!