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Name: Angeline Dresser

Course: MA American Studies

Angeline Dresser Silks make luxury accessories. We specialise in individual hand-painted silk scarves, highlighted by the jewel-like metallic gutta which embellish the subtle patterns. We have also begun to make a range of hair accessories from recycled silk sari fabric. Each piece is a one-off and unique!

Tell us more about Angeline Dresser Silks

Our luxurious silk scarves are the direct result of the maker and show the process of their creation. Whilst simplicity is an intrinsic part of effective garment construction, I feel that accessories such as scarves are an opportunity to bring pattern, colour and fun to a look.

We have worked with a range of customers to create the perfect scarf and, in some cases, to make fabric to be developed by the customer into special occasion garments. It is a wonderful process to work together and it's always a rewarding result.

The hand made and luxury market is an opportunity to create products which can be valued, kept and looked after in an environment of throwaway fashion.

How did UEA Student Enterprise help you?

Firstly, and most importantly, the team helped me realise that to pursue my interest as a business was an option. They helped me recognise that my continuous return to textiles, design, fashion and business was something which held potential and could be a satisfying life choice. UEA Student Enterprise then informed me of grants available, set me up with a fantastic business mentor, offered coaching, and overall were a wonderful support network.

What worries did you have while setting up your business, and how did you overcome them?

I worried about getting everything right as first. I wanted to make sure I was selling to the right audience, at the right price, with the right range of products. Of course these things are essential to a successful business, however, the exact formula for this is something which is learned through experimenting, and which seems to be ever-evolving. It is also something which cannot be achieved without consulting the customer. I have used surveys to gain information about my product and my market, yet the most influential experience comes from selling, working with the customer and receiving their essential feedback.