We think that students going the extra mile should be rewarded We think that students going the extra mile should be rewarded

Established in 2015-2016, UEA Award recognises when a student has developed qualities most sought after by business and society as a whole. Most students are already doing extra-curricular activities alongside their degree study. By being a part of the award, they will gain a greater awareness of the attributes valued in the workplace and evidence to list on a CV as well as a certificate from the University confirming their achievements.

Get involved

UEA Award helps organisations identify which graduates are more likely to hit the ground running - the ones who will take the transition from academia in their stride and make an impact.

We are looking for organisations who can provide various kinds of work-related activities and opportunities which build skills and attributes in our students. These become 'UEA Award Approved' activities and become a part of the accredited Award framework. These can include:

  • Events or workshops (especially those which build skills)
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Work shadowing
  • Short work placements
  • Office visits

Your opportunities help us to attract and develop students and graduates, as well as helping you to find talent with long-term commitment to a role, and who can quickly make an impact, whatever your aspirations are.

Our 'Graduates who go further' leaflet outlines how you can get involved in the award.

UEA Award Employer Panel

There are also opportunities to get involved in the UEA Award Employer Panel. The UEA Award Employer Panel is primarily virtual and consists of a wide range of employers; from small and medium sized enterprises, to large and multinational employers from all sectors including public, private and the voluntary sector.  The aim of the panel is to enable employer engagement with the development of the UEA Award to ensure the skills and attributes developed by participating students continue to meet the needs of employers and to facilitate openings for employers to provide feedback and opportunities to students registered with the Award. More detail on joining the panel is available from our employer panel information document.

Contact us

To propose opportunities for inclusion into the Award or if you have any other questions, please contact accessaward@uea.ac.uk.