Environmental Sciences Year in Industry Programme Environmental Sciences Year in Industry Programme

Our Environmental Sciences Year in Industry students are in great demand with organisations such as KPMG, the Department for Energy and Climate Change, and Norfolk County Council. By the end of their second year they already have enough knowledge and understanding to make a substantial contribution at work. This programme offers you the opportunity to recruit these students who are keen to apply their subject knowledge and skills to your business needs.

Placements typically last about 12 months, but can be from nine to fourteen months in duration.  Students should be given a significant project or amount of work to partake in that is conducive to their professional development.  This will not only help prepare them for the world of world but train them in their chosen subject area.

Work that students have undertaken in the past include:  

  • Developing Norfolk’s Green Infrastructure plans
  • Briefing Government Ministers on energy issues
  • Creating sustainable transport strategies
  • Researching attitudes to climate change
  • Coordinating social media campaigns

After the first few months of placement, a dedicated UEA mentor will conduct a site visit to ensure that everything is going well between you and your placement student.  If you are not based in the UK we will contact you via Skype.


The costs of taking on a Year in Industry student vary depending on many factors, however to attract the right students and to encourage access to all we encourage you to pay. Historically, Environmental Science placement students have earned £15,000 to £25,000 per year for their placement.

If taking on the student yourself is an issue for your organisation, contact us about ways we can help you.


To get the ball rolling on finding the right students for your business, contact placements@uea.ac.uk