Computing Sciences Year in Industry Programme Computing Sciences Year in Industry Programme

Our Comupting Science Year in Industry students are in great demand with companies such as IBM , Boeing and small exciting IT start-up operations. By the end of their second year they already have enough knowledge and understanding to make a substantial contribution at work. The Year in Industry programme offers you the opportunity to recruit those students who are keen to apply their subject knowledge and skills to your business needs.  W can work with you to find the right students for your placement - contact us to find out how.

Placements typically last about 12 months, but can be from nine to fourteen months in duration.  Students should be given a significant project or amount of work that is valuable to you and contributes to their professional development. The role needs to be relevant to their degree subject and they need to be supervised by an appropriate mentor.

Roles that have been undertaken by students in the past include:

  • Assistant analyst
  • Environmental / carbon analyst
  • Actuarial analyst

The School of Computing Science will keep in contact throughout the placement through quarterly-  reports. A final placement report will also be produced by the placement student at the end of the placement. The UEA will conduct a site visit to during the placement to ensure that everything is going well between you and your placement student.  If you are not based in the UK we will contact you via Skype.


If you would like to find out more about how your business can get involved with our Science Year in Industry programme, please contact