Chemistry Year in Industry Programme Chemistry Year in Industry Programme

Our Chemistry Year in Industry students are in great demand with companies such as GlaxoSmithKline and Merck. By the end of their second year they already have enough knowledge and understanding to make a substantial contribution in a work environment. Most students find they return from their Year in Industry highly motivated and with significantly improved skills and knowledge.  The Chemistry Year in Industry programme offers you the opportunity to recruit those ambitious and high achieving students who are keen to develop further within your place of work.

Placements typically last about 12 months, but can be from ten to fourteen months in duration.  Students should be given work to partake in that is conducive to their professional development and includes, at least in part, a research project.  This will not only help prepare them for the world of world but train them in their chosen subject area.  We can work with you to promote your placement opportunities to our students, in order to find the right candidates.

The placement is assessed as part of the students’ course and includes a distance learning module for completion outside of work. The research aspect of the work forms the basis of a detailed report for submission on completion of the placement.* In addition, the overall performance of the student is also assessed in conjunction with the industrial supervisor. It is anticipated that both the employer and the student will gain significantly from the placement. It is not uncommon for a student to return as a full time employee following completion of their MChem degree.

(*If needed a confidentiality agreement will be arranged to protect intellectual property)

Examples of work undertaken on previous placements include:

  • Synthetic organic chemistry directed to drug discovery.
  • Computational approaches to understanding protein structure and the physical properties of small molecules.
  • Development of analytical techniques in support product development and manufacture.
  • Materials development for application in display devices.

The School of Chemistry will keep in touch during the placement to ensure everything is running smoothly. There will be a site visit from the course director when the student has been in place for a few months. This provides an opportunity to meet with the industrial supervisor in person and helps ensure that all is well for both the student and the employer. If you are not based in the UK this visit can take place via Skype.


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