Biological Sciences Year in Industry Programme Biological Sciences Year in Industry Programme

The School of Biological Sciences has two types of 4-year BSc degrees where students have an opportunity to spend their third year on a placement in relevant employment: one degree focuses on Biological Sciences and one on Biochemistry.  Our Year in Industry students are in great demand both with companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, or research institutes like the John Innes Centre, as well as in field or educational settings such as the Field Studies Council.

Our Year in Industry programmes offer you the opportunity to recruit those students who are keen to apply their subject knowledge and skills to your business needs.  By working together we can kick start your recruitment to find the right person for your business. 

Our students undertake Laboratory Skills and Safety training during their first 2 years, giving them exposure to longer-term experiments and allowing them to understand experimental design and analysis which will be invaluable in the workplace. Along with some general skills training, for example in how to use Microsoft Office, students can hit the ground running on projects and tasks at work. 

Placements typically last about 12 months, but can be from a minimum of 30 weeks to fourteen months in duration. 

Work that students have undertaken in the past include:

  • Laboratory research projects in cell and molecular biology in large pharma, biotech or research laboratories
  • The testing and support of novel technology in biology e.g. DNA sequencing or drug testing
  • Clinical assay support and development
  • Clinical trial development
  • Science education
  • Ecology-based management and research

After the first few months of placement (usually during Spring semester at UEA), we will conduct a site visit to ensure that everything is going well between you and your placement student.  If you are not based in the UK, we may contact you via Skype.


To attract the right students and to encourage access to all we encourage you to pay students a salary or stipend, however some students within the School of Biological Sciences may consider unpaid or voluntary placements.

If taking on the student yourself is an issue for your organisation, contact us about ways we can help you.


If you'd like to find out more about our Year in Industry programme, or are looking to recruit a placement student, contact us at