After completing his PhD in signal processing and working as a senior research associate at UEA, Dr Paul Linford founded Syrinix.

Ten years on they have grown into international markets and are exploring new sectors.

Dr Paul Lindford with his award

In 2004, the company offered innovative technology developed by researchers from the School of Computing Sciences.   Their first product, TrunkMinder, was born out of academic research which was developed with input from industry and then formed the basis of a commercial company.

Syrinix today is an award winning leader in the development and delivery of intelligent pipeline monitoring solutions.  Providing utilities with real time information, their solutions allow utilities to manage their networks actively and effectively for increased resilience, greater leak avoidance and lower operating costs.

Earlier this year, Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Linford was awarded Engineer of the Year at the Water Industry Achievement Awards, which recognise innovative and cutting edge achievements of companies in the sector.

The continued growth and success of Syrinix is a testament to the vision of Dr. Linford as an engineer, an academic and a businessman.  Syrinix stands out as an important working example of how UK University research can be successfully commercialised.

Dr. Linford said, "We've come so far in ten years and now the business is accelerating.  We would like to see Syrinix's products doing good in as many water markets as we can get them.  In Brazil or Mexico for example, they have some very big challenges and if we can in our own small way contribute to solving them, and make Syrinix a known brand in the process, then that's what makes me excited.  It's just looking for the next interesting thing to do, the next difficult problem and how you can solve it - that's what makes engineers tick.

Syrinix is a great team effort and it's down to continued hard work and innovative thinking that allows us to push boundaries and develop the products we are proud to stand by today.  We are delighted that Syrinix is now firmly on the world map and gaining a reputation for being a leader in its field."

Dr. Jon Carter, Head of Enterprise at UEA said "We are very proud of the growth that Syrinix has achieved over the last eleven years.  It illustrated how UEA research can have a real impact on the world.  Working with industry, UEA has been able to identify solutions to a very real set of problems and watch it develop into an exciting commercial operation.  We are proud of both Syrinix's success and of the latest award to one of our alumni."

Future developments include branching out into other sectors and investigating the prospect of helping address water challenges in developing countries.

For more information on Syrinix www.syrinix.com

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