East of England Smart Emerging Technologies Institute (SETI)


Led by UEA, SETI is a planned research and innovation initiative aiming to create the fastest collaborative research testbed in Europe. It will be a science, technology and business asset for the region that will push the boundaries of leading science research and benefit the UK as a whole.


SETI will nurture a unique ecosystem, supporting research, innovation, benchmarking and validation of new applications and services, through large-scale testbed experiments using the latest machine learning, AI and digital communications technologies across the East of England’s key sectors.


“By enabling collaboration between world-leading scientists and engineers, SETI will deliver research and innovation programmes never before possible. It will accelerate knowledge creation, speed up innovation and commercialisation, identify new value chains, boost productivity and develop solutions of national and global significance.”

Prof Gerard Parr MBE (Lead Proposer | Head of School (Computing Sciences), UEA)


The combined power of world-leading universities, research parks and innovation organisations creates outstanding opportunities for collaboration within the SETI ecosystem. If you are interested in finding out how SETI could enable opportunities for your business, please email us.

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