Through our licensing scheme, you can work with us to turn our ground-breaking research into cutting-edge products, services and innovations.

We are one of the most active universities in the country for licensing our research, granting nearly a thousand to forward-thinking organisations. Many of these are helping to power products and ideas you see around you today.

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Medical and Life Sciences


Norwich Skin Platform

The Norwich Skin Platform (NSP) aims to overcome limitations of human tissue supply to offer a bespoke treatment and analysis service allowing morphological, genetic, proteomic and immunological changes in primary human skin samples.

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Intraocular Lens Design

A novel process for intraocular lens (IOL) prototype development based on rapid computer-aided design, formulations for 3D printing, and post-printing finishing process.

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Multicomponent Nanoformulations

A complex targeted "nanoparticle within nanoparticle" system for multi-component drug delivery to provide a new chemotherapeutic modality for patients with locally advanced, metastatic or chemoresistant cancers.

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Epigenetic Fluorescent Probes

A novel method that allows the production of chemically labelled biological probes valuable for investigating and analysing epigenetic targets in disease.

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DynDom is a fully automated program offering the determination of protein domains, hinge axes and amino acid residues that are involved in hinge bending.

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A haptic feedback tool that could help biologists and chemists understand the 3D conformations of proteins. This allows for a predicted protein structure to be explored by touch, giving much deeper insight into its conformation.

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sRNA Sequencing

A novel, simple, yet robust solution to overcome cloning bias in sRNA libraries. The tools could be easily incorporated into existing sRNA cloning kits with minimum costs and readily available for use.

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Small RNA Workbench

A sRNA software package based on algorithms developed at UEA that performs a complete analysis of single or multiple-sample small RNA datasets from both plants and animals. The package can be used to identify interesting landmarks (e.g. novel micro RNA sequences) or perform other tasks such as profiling small RNA expression patterns in genetic data.

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DNA and RNA Ligase Plasmids

Derivatives of the bacterial plasmid pET-16b containing genes from bacteriophage T4 that allow for the expression of one DNA (T4Dnl) and two RNA ligases (T4Rnl1A, and T4Rnl2) have been developed.

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Antibody-Drug Conjugates

A novel method to incorporate an ultra-potent natural drug – duocarmycin – into an antibody-drug conjugate using solid-phase synthetic methods. Incorporating this ultra-potent drug using simple synthetic methods offers new therapeutic pathways for cancer drug delivery.

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Drug Coating Technology for Therapeutic Contact Lenses

With increased numbers of contact lenses users coming through into the population of newly diagnosed patients with chronic ocular conditions, using contact lenses as a means for delivery drug to the eye is an attractive approach to improve the drug absorption and therapeutic efficiency.

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Digital, Creative and Heritage



Using talking and signing ‘avatars’, the LinguaSign primary school teaching materials are a series of videos providing a comprehensive introduction to a range of languages.

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East Anglia Film Achieve 

The East Anglian Film Archive (EAFA) is a state of the art storage and digital conversion facility for film comprising a large collection of unique and rare motion pictures dating as far back as 1895.

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Frustrated Fuel Cells

Fuel cells based on harnessing the ability of frustrated lewis pairs (FLPs) to activate hydrogen to serve as electrocatalysts for hydrogen oxidation, pioneering the concept of electrocatalytic FLPs.

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MacroAromatics offer high quality synthetic chemistry services in advanced applications of organic macrocyclic materials for use in molecular electronics, magnetics, optics and optoelectronics requires finely tuned and tailor-made organic molecular components such as macrocyclic dyes, chromophores and fluorophores.

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Spectroelectrochemical Cells

Infra-red cells that are capable of studying reactions with a time resolution of 100 ms, a solution of less than 1 mL, and films of only a few micrometres. This development offers researchers much greater detail than other current methods of analysis.

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DoorMate is essentially a portable item allowing to open doors without touching the surface in order to prevent/reduce microbial (virus and bacteria) transmission. The hook allows pulling door and sliding door hands. The concave sections allow to press green dome exit button, and the stick section allows keypad/keyboard/keyboard entry.

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Healthcare and Social Science



A revolutionary new web-based modelling platform underpinned by a novel and robust methodology as an alternative to traditional, slower methods.

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An app designed as a pack of cards to help healthcare students learn basic facts about the most commonly used medicines.

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IMAB Questionnaire

The Identification of Medication Adherence Barriers Questionnaire (IMAB-Q) has been in development for two years and is designed to support patients and practitioners to identify barriers.

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Drinks Diary

A unique and empirically validated self-reporting Drinks Diary to record drinks intakes in individuals within residential care.

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Online Interactive game designed to improve your drug calculation skills. Answer questions, earn points, unlock advice from the online pharmacist and move up the ladder: from Medical student to FY1, FY2 until you get to Consultant…. That’s if you think you can!

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The Support Needs Approach for Patients (SNAP) is a healthcare intervention which seeks to enable person-centred care for patients with progressive conditions.

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Marine, Agriculture and Environmental


Volcanoes Top Trumps

The digital version of the Volcanoes Top Trumps game follows on from the hugely popular card Volcanoes Top Trumps game. The digital version provides a free tool that can bring the devastating impact and natural wonder of thirty of the planet’s volcanoes into the home and classroom.

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MoveTech Telemetry

MoveTech Telemetry offers cutting-edge tracking devices for scientific research and conservation. Using solar powered, low-cost and highly efficient GPS/GSM devices, data can be remotely transmitted via GPRS on over 400 networks globally –including temperature, location and accelerometer readings.

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ClimGen is a software tool which generates future projections of climate conditions across the globe. Through its geographical resolution, ease of operation and speed of execution, it is particularly geared to enable easy application for climate impact investigations and to explore the uncertainty in future projections.

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Insect Detection in Salads

A novel method has been developed for the detection of the presence of a whole or part of invertebrate materials - such as insects, arthropods and, molluscs - in a sample of non-invertebrate material - such as plant material, food stuff including salads, vegetable, fruits, and flowers.

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Microplastic Detection

A new approach for the analysis of microplastics in environmental samples has been developed. This fluorescent staining method delivers a simple and sensitive way to highlight polymer fragments (particles or fibres) in marine sediments, from macro scale down to a few microns in size.

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Business, Financial and Legal


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