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The construction of the Henry Wellcome Laboratory for Cell Imaging was made possible by the award of £1.2 million from the Joint Infrastructure Fund administered by The Wellcome Trust as well as additional contributions from HEFCE. Recently, the laboratory has been further enhanced by a £500k award from the Capital Infrastructure Fund which has funded the purchase of a multi-photon microscope and the upgrade of our image storage facilities. This state-of-the-art facility consists of two components: an Imaging suite and an Analysis suite.


The Imaging laboratory contains eight fluorescence microscopes (inc. a multi-photon microsope with lifetime-imaging capability and two laser scanning confocals) that can produce very high quality images, both still and moving, for the study of cells and tissues at the molecular level.


The Analysis suite is a dedicated facility for multi-user image analysis, 3D-reconstruction, deconvolution and archiving that consists of five computer workstations and two high-capacity servers.