Cutting edge research facilities Cutting edge research facilities

We have state of the art analytical research facilities which enable us to carry out cutting edge research. These specialist facilities, including our extensive insect culture rooms, aquaria for frogs and fish and molecular labs, are maintained by dedicated staff. Our facilities are fully integrated into the Norwich Research Park virtual technology centre.
Contains laser–scanning confocal and multi-photon microscopes as well as widefield fluorescence microscopes that can take high quality images and films of fixed and live cells and tissues. The lab also has a dedicated analysis suite for multi-user image analysis, 3D-reconstruction and image restoration.

The Wolfson Fermentation and Bioenergy Laboratory

This facility has been funded by grants from the Royal Society, Wolfson Foundation and the HEFCE Capital Infrastructure Fund. The lab is a containment 2 facility with large-scale bioreactors (15-100 litres). It
also houses continuous culture bioreactors for use in post-genomic studies on microbial physiology. Its work includes studying bacteria that produce the greenhouse gas Nitrous Oxide and the production of a new generation of biofuels from micro-organisms.

Plant Growth Facilities

BIO has excellent facilities for growing plants under controlled environmental conditions. These include two high-specification containment glasshouses which satisfy stringent requirements set by DEFRA and HSE for containment of transgenic plants and recombinant plant pathogens.

The Disease Modelling Unit (DMU)

A Wellcome Trust-Funded laboratory for the study of the mechanisms of human diseases. This unit contains a germ-free facility and a containment level 3 laboratory for handling pathogenic organisms as well as advanced in vivo imaging technologies.

NRP Research Facilities