A culture of creativity A culture of creativity

The place of UEA in the recent history of the British humanities university is closely bound up with researching and teaching creativity, in both art and literature.

It is the university which introduced creative writing as a discipline in UK Higher Education forty years ago, and which has provided critical reflection and creative practice to scores of future Booker-Prize and other prize-winning novelists (McEwan, Enright, Ishiguro, Chevalier amongst others). UEA offers a considerable experience of the conjunction of the critical and the creative, a range of theoretical and historical expertise, and well-established relationships and resources which it brings to contemporary national debates on creativity and the humanities.

Literature and Creative writing

The School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing is a community of critics and creative writers who work collaboratively and symbiotically alongside each other on joint projects and as co-supervisors for the Creative and Critical Writing PhD. Find out more about the Creative and Critical Writing PhD.

The School has also been the home for some of the most distinguished creative work that has been produced at UEA, such as the groundbreaking (and bestselling) work of the late Lorna Sage and W.G. Sebald.

MA in Creative Entrepreneurship

Supported by Barclays and launched by Radio 4 presenter and journalist Mark Lawson, this innovative, one-year MA in Creative Entrepreneurship is for Artists, Writers, Musicians, Composers, Performing Artists and recent Arts Graduates, who are in the process of establishing their careers in the fields of Visual Arts, Music and Literature or as practitioners in the context of cultural provision. Based at UEA London in the heart of Whitechapel in East London, the course offers opportunities to showcase creative work in London and is the only course of its kind in the UK that addresses the aspirations of a creative career in this manner. A unique feature of the course is the development of the student's own personal Arts Plan to navigate a professional creative future.