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  Contact for any questions.

Please contact the study office on 01603 593309 if you have any questions regarding practice eligibility or the use of any of the documents on this page.

The ARRISA-UK Study uses the secure, anonymous, and confidential Research Data Extraction Service provided by Optimum Patient Care Ltd.


Is your practice eligible?

Almost all GP practices in the UK ARE eligible. (Practices using Microtest Evolution will not be able to have anonymous data extraction via Optimum Patient Care (OPC) and thus cannot participate) 

However, the list below represents the exclusion criteria:

  • Practices already implementing a formal prospective process of identification of patients with at-risk asthma AND practice wide targeting of asthma care on every approach to patient or their record.
  • Practices hosting or affected by research which might significantly influence the practice wide process of care of patients with ‘at risk’ asthma.


If your practice was an intervention practice in previous ARRISA research, please contact the study office.

Alternatively, a document detailing practice eligibility can be found here.