Examples of project work, by children at Lionwood Junior School Examples of project work, by children at Lionwood Junior School

The children drew pictures, created collages, and imagined they were part of the Lewis and Clarke expedition and wrote letters home. In addition the children read the preamble to the Declaration of Independence and chose their favourite thirteen words, representative of the original thirteen colonies. They then used these words to create a poem, with the sometimes surprising results painting a provocative verbal picture.

American truth

Abolish government principles
Experience sufferable mankind
Pursuit destructive happiness
Dictate certain unalienable future

Rudi Agnew, Year 6

America in 13 words

Experience destructive life
Abolish sufferable despotism
Dictate self-evident liberty
Creative mankind
Unalienable future

Hamish Lowrie, Jay Sabberton-Coe , Daniel Kendrick and Rudi Agnew, Year 6


Power equals happiness
Men created liberty
Future life rights
Likely mankind duty object.

Connor Cartwright, Year 6

Dear Mum

St Louis, 1804

Dear Mum,
Tomorrow is the day I set off on a big journey! Hopefully I will see things I have never seen before. The President says that there will be Unicorns, seven foot beavers and lots of other things that you can't even imagine! This journey would change our lives forever!
I am risking my life if I go on this journey! I mean who knows? Anything could happen! But anyway I just want to let you know that I don't regret going on this journey and I never will!
If I do manage to get home alive and well I will bring lots of souvenirs for all of my brothers and sisters. And don't worry I won't forget you and Dad! Oh sorry Lewis says its lights out! I will miss you all lots.
Love from
Your daughter!
Jessie-Mai Millan, Year 6


Hamish Lowrie, Year 6