The senses of nature: ecopoem by year 6 children, Stibbard Primary The senses of nature: ecopoem by year 6 children, Stibbard Primary

The Senses of Nature

A class ecopoem by Stibbard Primary, year 6.

I hear little birds in the bushes,
The wind whistling through
The tall tree canopy above.
Squirrels searching for acorns.

I hear the soothing rustles of
the wind knocking off all the leaves.
The birds soar through the falling leaves chirping aloud,
Sweet tweets fill my ears.

I hear the wind blowing
Calmly against the many colours of the leaves
As they blow, the beautiful sounds of wildlife ring in your ears,
and it makes you feel like you're in another world.

Hearing is brilliant
I could not live without it
I can hear nature at its best –
That was an honour – oh yes
It was.
I would love to do it all over again.

Strolling through the forest of smells.
Many things have scents
some strong, some weak.
Everyone so far so near can smell things
So close so long.
Lovely smells like a rose
Liquid smells like juice.

As lovely as the smell of freshly-mown grass,
roses smelling of sticky sweets,
smelling the leaves beneath my feet.
Lots of wonderful smells
it makes me feel like I am
flying across a clear blue sky.

The white rose smells as sweet as candy sticks
Lavender smells as bad as spinach
The smells in the garden make me as sleepy as a man in hot water.

Roses remind me of vanilla
Lavender makes me feel like I'm in heaven
Cut grass makes my nose go funny
And deer poo makes me sick!

Seeing things
in the distance
green leaves
high up

I like seeing flowers in the gardens of all different types
I like seeing the fiery red berries hanging from the bright green bushes
When I was looking at the ground it suddenly turned squirmy
Because there were lots of bugs
Looking up at the trees made them look very close
But they were all actually far away

I can see petal leaves as rough as bark
I saw the leaves rustle in the wind
I spotted the bark as rough as sandpaper.

I have touched something that is
as spiky as a thorn.
I have touched something that is
as smooth as a rose petal on a summer's morning.

Touching a smooth rose petal
makes me feel calm.

Touching a dark red rose
petal makes me feel relaxed.

Touching a dark fiery red rose
makes me feel loving.

Touching bumpy twigs
makes me feel bumpy in a good way – yeah!

Today we touched trees.
On the leafy pathways
Understanding nature
Could we be more kind to it?
Have we been kind already?

In order: Chloe, Henne, Matty, Michael, Timothy, Holly, Calum, Shayla, Joe, Lily, Ella, Gaby, Freya, Rowan.