The senses of nature: ecopoem by year 6 children, Blenheim Park Primary School The senses of nature: ecopoem by year 6 children, Blenheim Park Primary School

‘The senses of nature'

A class ecopoem by the children in year 6, Blenheim Park Primary School

Today I walked in the woods.
It seemed as if I was walking on a canopy.
I saw holes in the canopy and it felt
like I was sailing. I also saw leaves
as dark as can be.
I saw the branches swaying side to side
like a tempest arching over me.

Tree trunks – a green fading into brown colour
The sun floats in the lake like crystals on a ring.
Birds tweeting away in the sky

The vibrant colours merged together
To make a rainbow of flowers
Some of the flowers are small
But some are as tall as towers

Beautiful yellow roses have a sweet smell
Carnations smell as citrusy as a lemon.
A dead rose had the scent of honey.
The strong smell of leaves wafted in the air,
Rosemary smelt like a putrid scent that I would not eat.

You smell different things every day
Some are nice, some are horrid.
Some smells can be like a sweet (that is nice)
Or some can be horrid like a polluted park.
Some are sweet. Some are really vivid.

The wet grass was as pure as water,
The crispy brown leaves felt rough on my hand,
The clematis seed is as silky as Saturn hair,
The petals of the coronation are silky soft,
but slightly ruffled.

Today I heard the birds gossiping like old ladies
The mowers causing distraction like a bull in a china shop
The sound of shouting like they were singing
Then I heard the bees running like they were late for work
And the breathing of other people like they were snoring

The birds singing
The bees buzzing
The grass pinging
The trees fuzzing
Nature's sounds are as peaceful as a waterfall
The lawn mower rattling like a small school!

Nature is like a well-tuned orchestra
The birds chirp like a flute in summer sun
While a fly speeds past my ear.
Now as I lean down, I hear
The grass rustle like a firework.
Finally the mower in the distance is
Being drowned out
By Nature's orchestra.

In order: Dorota, Macauley, Jake, Joe, Kiefer, Megan, Bethany, George, Max