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Maggie Humm (ENG 1963)
I was in the very first cohort of undergraduates in English 1963-1966 (see my interview in your fifty year celebratory archive). I've just received the news that I've been awarded the UEA/Guardian Masterclass Diploma in Creative Writing for my novel Who Killed Mrs. Ramsay? which takes the character Lily Briscoe, the artist in Woolf's To the Lighthouse and gives her a life. Lily solves the mystery of Mrs. Ramsay's death. The course was incredibly stimulating due to the inspiring teaching of the novelist and playwright Gillian Slovo. It's a particular pleasure for me to be graduating again from UEA in 2016 - fifty years after my last graduation!

Reginald Young (CHE 1964)
After graduating in Applied Chemistry at U. of Aston, postgraduate studies in Chemical Physics at UEA and a two year postdoc fellowship at NRC Ottawa in Canada, I pursued an interesting but non-spectacular career as an IT specialist in the chemical industry. During this time I worked for Perkin-Elmer in Beaconsfield, several Divisions of ICI in the UK and ended up with Sandoz in Switzerland. As a casualty of corporate restructuring I then became a freelance web-designer, working from home in Arlesheim, near Basel. Being nowadays more or less retired I have time for my hobbies, which include art and photography (see and membership of the Guild of Swiss Mountain Painters. I'm happily married (for the second time), with 2 children and 5 grandchildren.

Jill Arnold (née Slaney) (EAS 1965)
Had a varied career in museums, lecturing and textile art. Recently gain an MA in Textile Culture in Norwich. Left London for Norfolk in 1999. Married with one daughter.

John Everett (CHE 1965)
Retired, with a glass of a cottage in South Gloucestershire, having spent most of my working life as a Lecturer in FE colleges. Pat (nee Belsford) my wife, a retired Senior Civil Servant (also CHE 65) is sitting next to a large Maine Coon ginger pussy cat, plus a gin and tonic ~1.5m away.

Richard Dorrance (CHE 1966)
I have now retired after working in the Education sector for most of my life, initially as a teacher, then as a policy maker, and finally as CEO of an Examination Board. I have two children in secondary school, Izzy and Henry. I'm also on a Charity Board, the National Extension College, and Chair of the Board of TQUK, a fast-growing new Awarding Organisation. I have an allotment, enjoy drinking wine, and I still have a curiosity about science, encouraged by UEA!

The Rev Andrew McLuskey (EUR 1966)
After a career in further education Andrew was ordained as a Minister of the United Reformed Church in 1991. He has held pastorates in Egham (Surrey) and South Croydon. Just a few weeks ago (after a break back in teaching) he was officially welcomed into the West London team ministry of the URC at a wonderful service in Queens Park. Andrew comments: ‘A goodly number of old friends turned out for the occasion- including some I had known even before my very happy time at UEA.‘After careers in teaching and the Ministry Andrew in quasi retirement is now working for a Ph D at the University of Roehampton on the Anthropic (Design) Principle’.(Happy to say more about that if anyone is interested!)!’ Andrew would love to hear from any folk who remember him. His address is 17 Diamedes Ave, Stanwell, Staines TW 19 7JE. Tel 01784 248294. Email

Lindy Platten-Jarvis (née Jarvis) (CHE 1966)
Still living at Yew Tree Cottage, Felthorpe but spending my winters with work-mates in Africa (I worked in Zimbabwe for 7 years) swimming, gardening & building water features & BBQ's (braais) & volunteering. Perfect lifestyle with maximum sunshine. Last winter was in Australia too on Sunshine Coast & Barrier Reef.

Linda Bennett (EUR 1967)
Retired and living in Wirral, supporting creative arts for wellbeing, local poetry events and women's issues.

Ian Riddle (SOC 1967)
Fifty years after graduating from UEA with a degree in economics I still maintain a ‘day job’, though for how much longer, I’m not sure. I’ve recently taken to writing, something I’ve wanted to do ever since my undergraduate days which were long before there was a School of Creative Writing. I’ve now published Collected Writings – Vol I, a collection of fifteen shorts which I’ve enjoyed doing so much that Volume II is already underway!

Kenneth Rignall (EUR 1967)
I am in semi-retirement from what originally we called 'HM Customs & Excise'. I am in my 39th year on the job and have been involved in nearly every aspect of the job. I am married with 2 children, Usha 29 and Paul 26 Elizabeth Vick I am living on a small farm in rural Vermon raising a few chickens and sheep, growing organic veggies and fruits, and would love to hear from UEA friends from my year in Norwich!

Richard Banker (SOC 1968)
I've worked 40 years for the civil service, now semi-retired. I've been active in the union, do amateur writing and brought up my daughters.

Alexander Drake (CHE 1968)
After a successful academic research/ lecturing career mainly at King's College London, I have retired to my roots in Birkenhead. I still retain a research lab at KCL but it all began at UEA

William Ross-Jones (SOC 1968)
Admitted as solicitor 1976 Barrister 1987 Now run a hotel - all UEA members welcome at discount

Peter Dooley (MAP 1969)
Following my time at UEA I completed a PhD in Physics at Leicester University (where I met my wife, Elizabeth). I taught Physics before working overseas for 10 years in Chile with the (then) South American Missionary Society. I have recently taken voluntary severance from the University of Salford and now work 2 days a week as a hospital chaplain.

Siddharth Pandya (MAP 1969)
I live in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Florida. I am a physician, trained in family medicine and then radiology and neuroradiology. As a neuroradiologist I have an interest in the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and oncology imaging with PET-CT.

Alison Ronan Chitty (EAS 1969)
Having worked as a youth worked since 1972, I completed my MA in Women's Studies in 2003 and my PHD in 2009, focusing on anti-war women in North West England in World War 1. I am now working with groups across the UK to create alternative narratives of the first World War. As a history graduate as UEA it is nice to feel my academic work is come 'full circle'.


Diana Bolitho (BIO 1970)
Went on to do a veterinary degree after leaving UEA and have been practising as a vet since 1978

Paul Butler (SOC 1970)
After university I qualified as a local government accountant but spent most of my career in county councils as an auditor. I managed to retire early and have now enjoyed more than five years of freedom. I had a spell as treasurer of the local PCC, work as a volunteer in the local community shop, act as the music librarian for the orchestra in which I play the violin and am secretary of the local history society. Living in Oxford I am able to take full advantage of all that it offers. I go to more lectures now than I did as a student, attend art classes and frequently go to the theatre, especially for ballet. I take annual holidays around Italy as well as France. I recently donated all the publications and ephemera that I accumulated whilst at UEA to the library archives.

Elise Stanley (BIO 1970)
After degrees, BSc (Bio70-73) and PhD (Bio73-76), at UEA I moved to Johns Hopkins Medical school (Baltimore) for 7 years as a postdoctoral trainee and then Assistant professor. Then transferred to NINDS, National Institutes of Health (Bethesda, MD) for 15 years, rising to Section Chief (92-99). In 1999 moved to the Toronto Western Research Institute (now The Krembil Institute) as Division Head holding the Tanenbaum Chair and remain as a Senior Scientist with a Professor appointment at the University of Toronto. Inaugural class of Canada Research chairs, Tier I (2000, currently renewed to 2022) and recently elected into the Johns Hopkins Society of scholars (April 2015, see eZiggurat June 2015)

Vivien Sproule (SOC 1970)
In London: Kensal Rise, NW10, to be more precise; I'm content in retirement but also now have time to wonder about what has happened to all the people I have lost touch with...

Julia Walton (EUR 1970)
Still living in Highgate but have moved on from the British Museum, via the Museums & Galleries Commission and Directorship of Quex Museum, House & Gardens, to Harrow. Superb collections, perfect job to take me to retirement. - several years away yet!

Geoff Aanonson (CHE 1971)
Having met at the UEA Christian Union, Theresa Arnold (SOC 71-74) and I were married in 1978. We settled in Walthamstow, London and enjoyed careers in teaching: myself in Secondary Science and Theresa in Primary Education. In my final four years I had the privilege of working at the school in Canning Town where Theresa was Head. Towards the end of our working lives, we moved into the Essex countryside and now live in a small village outside Brentwood. I am currently finishing training as a licenced lay minister in the church and we love spending time with our grandchildren. We thank God for all His many blessings.

Tim Arnett (BIO 1971)
Professor of Mineralised Tissue Biology, UCL.

Alan Brown (CHE 1971)
Graduated CHE in 1974, MSc and PhD at University of Warwick. Worked for ICI plc and English China Clays from 1977 to 1987 when I moved to the US with ECC, working in Georgia for 6 years before moving to Washington State to work for Columbia River Carbonates until 1999 when I moved back to Georgia to work for J.M. Huber Corp, which was renamed as KaMin LLC in 2008. My hobby is collecting and working on cars, have a 1969 Caddy convertible, a 1970 Torino fastback I am restoring, a 1971 Super Beetle as well as a 2008 Mustang Bullitt, which is heavily modified.

Neil Hopkins (MAP 1971) and Judy Hopkins Ball (MAP 1971)
My husband I both attended UEA - Neil Hopkins (MAP 71-74) and Judy Hopkins (née Ball) (MAP/SOC 71 - 74) - and will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary this year. We have three children and two grandchildren, with a third expected soon. I thought you would be interested to know that Neil was awarded an OBE for services to education in the Queen's birthday honours this summer. He retired last year as Principal of Peter Symonds (Sixth Form) College in Winchester where he had been in post for 20 years. In his time, Peter Symonds grew to be the largest sixth form college in the country, and was regularly graded as 'outstanding' in all respects by Ofsted. Amongst other roles outside college, Neil spent 8 years on the board of UCAS, and 12 years on the Board of the Association of Colleges. Since retiring, Neil has become the (part-time) Executive Director of the national Maple Group of high performing colleges, and vice chair of governors at another, land-based, college. He also has 2 voluntary roles assisting Army training - not the energetic bits! I also worked in education, starting in primary schools but spending most of my career in Further Education. We both enjoyed our years at UEA - not least because it was where we met!

Maggie White (AHM 1971)
Spent many years designing and now retraining as a painter.

Gillian Chaplin (EUR 1972)
Now have a degree in fine art and the history and theory of visual art. Involved in printmaking and gallery work in Suffolk. Stephen Sklair EAS 1973 I am a producer/director/camera/editor, and have just finished directing a feature documentary.

Sheila Greenacre Powell (née Elson) (EUR 1972)
After leaving Norfolk Constabulary, having 3 children and working for NatWest for a while, I retrained as a primary teacher. I am currently assistant head at Costessey Junior, I am also a regional trainer for Primary Modern Foreign Languages.

Anthony Hall (SOC 1972)
Retired and living in Suffolk. Spending time gardening and am involved with Suffolk Preservation Society and RSPB.

Mary Jeronymides (EUR 1972)
I am now retired and doing a bit of work for a mental health charity. I have been doing courses in fashion at Morley College since September 2013 and am applying now for a MA in Psychology of Fashion at London College of Fashion. I hope to have a small business in making one-off garments for personal clients for my retirement.

John Philpin (MAP 1972)
A citizen of the internet - so really it doesn't matter 'where I am now' - except to say that a group of us are trying to connect with old friends that were at UEA between 72 and 75. The schools we belonged to include EAS, FAM, MAP, ENV, SOC ... so in these crazy times where we are all likely to be in lockdown somewhere, why not ping and see if you want to join us? BEST EMAIL : and we will take it from there.

David Ward (EAS 1972)
I work as a professor of Italian Studies at Wellesley College, Massachusetts. I live in Madison, Connecticut with my wife Eugenia & daughter Anna.

Gillian Attwood Hughes (EAS 1973)
Recently retired from being a Head of English - moved to Hastings, to do all the things I've not done, and care for elderly mother.

Andrew Bradbury (DEV 1973)
Retired. Active in Green Party.

Andrew Graham (ENV 1973)
I've been working for the Environment Agency and the National Rivers Authority before it for 24 years now. I've worked in various roles to do with recreation and navigation and am currently the waterway manager (and harbourmaster) for the Thames. I've been living in Reading now since '89 but later this year, when I retire will be moving to Wiltshire.

Sukhpal Thind (CHE 1973)
After completing my Ph.D with Alan Katritzky, I moved to Minnesota to work for 3M as Research Scientist in January 1980. I left 3 M to join Uniroyal Chemical in 1984 and then met my present wife who was working in Investment Banking in 1985. We married the same year and in August 1985 we moved back to London. I switched professions and joined Merrill Lynch and then spent the next 30-years as a banker trading complex products such as Swaps, Options, Corporate Credit, Global Equities and Structured Products and FX. I worked for several international banks including ABN AMRO, HSBC, UBS and Bank of Tojkyo Mitsubishi. I also ventured and set up my own capital markets advisory business from 1993-2001. In 1992 we moved to Switzerland with our very young 3 children. We threw them at the deep end into local schools where they learnt German and then went on to do Masters degrees. Two are now settled back in Zurich and the eldest is working in London. I lived also in Vienna, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Toronto for several months at a time in the course of my professional life. I retired in 2017 and now consult occassionally. I've written a little (These are on Amazon - Paul Thind) and am still working on finishing a couple of projects that I started very long time ago. My wife is also a financial consultant and specilises in the insurance industry. All in all, I feel I've led an interessting life. I was never sure what I wanted to be. So, I tried many things. My UEA education taught me valuable lessons - Good education paves the way to a lifetime of self learning. One should remain receptive to doing new things and enjoy work. Afterall, we have only one life.

David Wylie (EAS 1973)
Teaching at secondary school in Islington (Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School for Girls). Have been teaching since 1993. Teach technology at KS3

Karen Hollingdale (EUR 1974)
Retired from teaching after thirty two years, now living in Devon by the sea and pursuing lots of different activities.

Michael Hrywniak (SOC 1974)
Teaching economics at school and University of Westminster (part-time). Living in London. Author of 'Dementia and Mum - Who Really Cares' by Michael Fassio. Also working as an extra on films occasionally.

Ann Reed (EUR 1974)
I am retiring in the Summer, having worked as a German teacher. I have been at Paston Sixth Form College, North Walsham for the last 15 years. I am also a Yoga teacher and take a variety of classes in Norwich. I stayed in Norfolk after being at UEA and have been living in Brundall for the last 30 or more years!

Jackie Carpenter (EAS 1975)
Living in Derby, working in a social enterprise to support people with experience of homelessness, unemployment and other disadvantage and exclusion. I'm responsible for development and strategic management, evaluation and monitoring, of projects, particularly health and employability services. And also all comms, internal and external, impact measurement, lobbying and campaigning, external relationships..

Bronwen Griffiths (AHM 1975)
My first novel, 'A Bird in the House' will be published in March 2014 by Three Hares Publishing.

Judy Mills (nee Baldwin) (BIO 1975)
After UEA I married a part-time farmer and kept a strong interest in natural history, conservation and agriculture, though I spent 30 years in the Police service. I retired in 2010 and have spent the past few years doing various kinds of voluntary work in the town of Wotton under Edge where we live, as well as running, cycling and horse riding. I have always enjoyed writing and remain the editor of my church magazine and just had a book published called 20 Day Walks in the Cotswolds.

Robert Say (EAS 1975)
Semi-retired business coach in Bexhill, East Sussex.

Linda Williams (EUR 1975)
After UEA/EUR in 1979 needed a job and worked in insurance in the City of London for 10 years as Group Development officer HQ function. Got married, became a stay at home mother and went back to work in primary education for 15 years ending as a Higher Lever Teaching Assistant until ordained a volunteer priest in the Church of England 12 years ago in Southwark. Now full time paid Associate Vicar in the Parish of Harpenden, Herts and looking forward to part time & slowly working towards retirement --one day!

Mary Edgerton (BIO 1976)
I am a pathologist and information with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas

Shahid Malik(SOC 1976)
I am solicitor principal and have law offices in London and Manchester. After leaving UEA I read for my Masters degree and practiced as a lawyer with a large private practice before setting up my own firm which is a successful firm with a large clientele. I also provide training to Students from Queen Mary College University of London, Westminster university. I spend at least 4 months a year in my holiday retreat in Lake Como in Lombardy, Italy. I managed to learn Italian but still working at it. UEA has been good for me as someone who was quite shy is now very confident and exceeded my own expectations. Thank you UEA. Hi to my friends Brian Stevens, Theo, Vince Loggia and the rest of class of SOC 76

Neil McLauchlan (DEV 1976)
After leaving UEA, I trained as nurse and worked in a variety of clinical roles including a spell in a rural health clinic in South India. After a period in clinical and general management, I moved into commissioning healthcare education before becoming a Local Director for Health Education England in the North West.

Anthony Skipper (SOC 1976)
Board Member: 1. University of Warwick, Science Park Foundation 2.Midlands Arts Council 3.Senior Lecturer, Coventry University

Tarlochan Singh (MAP 1976)
I have been working for Wolverhampton City Council for last 29 years as a building inspector. i would love to hear from my friends phone 01902 555599

Robin Sykes (EUR 1976)
At UEA I played Rugby for the 1st XV and for UEA/Brit Univ's at the National sports centre, Bisham Abbey. I got a PGCE in 1983 and a Postgrad housing diploma in 1993. I managed council housing in Bristol and was the tenant liaison officer for Bristol CC until my redundancy in 2006, when I set up a gardening/landscaping business. Now Defunct! Good old Paul Whitehouse was my drinking buddy in my 2nd year, bottles of Pils in the union bar at lunch! Good old days!

David Worsfold (SOC 1976)
David left Incisive Media, where he had most recently been Group Editorial Services Director, in the summer of 2013. He now works as a freelance journalist writing on a wide range of financial topics, an editorial trainer and conference presenter. He has also written an historical biography of an Irish doctor Thomas Kelly who served in India, Tibet and Persia before WW1, was decorated during the First World War and served as a ship's surgeon during WW2. Entitled 'Fighting for the Empire' it will be published by Sabrestorm this summer.

Mick Coleman (EUR 1977)
Head of Youth Offending Service in Bolton, Greater Manchester - living in Rossendale - still supporting the Blues (Birmingham City FC)

Adrian Hayes (EUR 1977)
Now living in Christchurch, New Zealand. Qualified Chartered Accountant and currently Financial Controller at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Previously NZ Government Auditor and before that working for a US company, flying the world to tell people off, and before that Senior Manager in the accounting/auditing profession. Home town Rugby, but lived in Norwich, Southampton, Oxford, Woodford Halse and now Christchurch. Married to Tracey, three children (now adults), all with degrees (nearly), and all with jobs (nearly). Not retired (not even nearly).

Gaye Landou-Leonard (SOC 1977)
Four years after graduating from SOC '80 I moved to the Silicon Valley in California. I've worked in HR at Apple and Silicon Graphics and then started an HR Consulting firm. I've been the VP of HR for a very progressive construction company for the last 8 years, and am married with two daughters. One works for Facebook and the other for LinkedIn.

Simon Leather (BIO 1977)
Now Professor of Entomology at Harper Adams University heading up new Centre for Integrated Pest Management

Clive O’Donnell(EAS 1977)
Recently retired after a 37 year teaching career - the last 26 as headteacher in three junior schools. I live in a village near Stafford. I was on the top floor of Z Block at Fifer’s Lane before moving to the more genteel Cathedral Close for my final two years!

Nigel Barton (BIO 1978)
I now am Chairman of an exciting housing association after a long career in Logistics, we run over 11k houses in Redcar and Cleveland and have big aspirations.

Jeremy Clarke (DEV 1978)
Based in UK. Director of Orbus Consulting Services working on International Development issues in Africa and Asia. Appraisal, design and implementation of aid programmes.

Patrick Smith (EAS 1978)
I am Lib Dem Cllr in Higham Hill Ward LBWF, and an attendee at London Cllrs summit & delegate to National Conference, as well as teaching humanities in challenging secondary schools. I have just bought a new house and my wife loves garden plants and has that special 'green touch'.

Mark Barry (CSA 1979)
Now back at UEA leading the charge on technology and digital having spent many years in Industry doing much the same. UEA today, is familiar yet very different, after all it has expanded a lot and we now live in the digital age.

Colin Belford (EUR 1979)
Headteacher of Archway School in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Alan Johnston (DEV 1979)
Bought a cottage in Co. Galway in 1993 and came to live here in 1996. Currently employed as a part-time ESOL Tutor in Adult Education in Co. Clare. My trajectory post-DEV was to teach in Sudan for three years 1984 to 1987 then take a Post-Grad Dip. in TEFL at the University of Ulster in Coleraine, Co. Derry. Following qualification, I spent the next six and a half years teaching in Oman. Initially in the state secondary school system and subsequently at an English Language school of technology under the auspices of the Royal Guard. I returned to Ireland permanently in 1996. For more than twenty years, I taught English to asylum seekers and refugees with the Irish Refugee Council and later, Clare Immigrant Support Centre in Ennis, Co. Clare. Today, my learners can be any non-national.

Ian Mace (MAP 1979)
I have been working in secondary education as a mathematics teacher in London.

Shahid Malik (SOC 1979)
I am Principal Solicitor of my practice Syria & Co Solicitors. The firm has three offices in London and I have been in private practice for over 23 years.

David Food (ENV 1979)
I now enjoy a portfolio Lifestyle, where I end up choosing and doing the things I want to do, at a price I want to be paid, at a time that works for me. Chiefly focusing on helping people to unlock potential as individuals, teams and companies whilst providing insight into touching tomorrow’s technology today. This results in me educating and presenting Supply Chain, Marketing and Leadership - tools, techniques and processes to Senior Executives and Leaders around the world - such fun. A passionate networker - easy to find!

Michael Lidgley (ENV 1979)
I am helping to run an apple orchard, farmstay, rural development project in the Himalayas. ( having been in Japan since 2006.

Rhodri Thomas (SOC 1979)
I have been living in Brussels for the last 20 years working for the European Commission. I am chairman of the Welsh Society of Brussels and a connoisseur of Belgian beer.


Christopher Hale (DEV 1980)
Working for UKTI to attract foreign direct investment into the UK. My specialisation is advanced engineering.

Mario La Camera (SOC 1980)
I have been living in Southern Italy for some 30 years. I teach English as a foreign Language at the local university and for the last 15 years I have been working for the University of Cambridge as a Speaking examiner and Speaking Team Leader. I have a 22-year-old daughter who recently graduated in Law in the UK.

Mohammed Shaikh (MAP 1980)
Working as a freelance risk management consultant, in the City of London

Lawrence Atsegbua (LAW 1981)
I live in Nigeria and I am Professor of Law and Senior Advocate of Nigeria(Queen's Counsel)

Catriona Bonfiglioli (EAS 1981)
Love lured me to Oz where, after 15 years working happily as a journalist, I gained my PhD. Now teaching and researching medical journalism at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), Australia.

Mark Christie (LAW 1981)
I began reading Law at the University of East Anglia in 1978 and graduating with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) in 1981. For the past 30+ years I have specialised exclusively in family law and I am a long standing member of Resolution - First for Family Law. During my career I have been based in different areas across Yorkshire and currently work out of Stowe Family Law’s head office in Harrogate. Since graduating from the University of East Anglia, I have worked at a number of law firms, currently working at Stowe Family Law, the UK’s largest specialist family law firm. As I specialise in different areas of family law, my work involves resolving private law children disputes, divorce and separation, financial issues during divorce and separation, as well as cohabitation and prenuptial agreements. I am an accredited member of the Law Society’s Family Law Panel and have been for over 15 years. In order to gain this accreditation, my knowledge of family law has been thoroughly tested and accredited. I strongly believe in the ethos of seeking to resolve family law disputes in a constructive and non-confrontational manner and take this approach with my work. Despite being based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire with the majority of my cases being in the family court in England and Wales, I have worked with clients regarding international relocation relating to overseas territories, including the USA, Germany, Australia and Spain.

John Brooker (CHE 1981)
Living in Eaton. Married to Caroline with three children aged 23, 21 and 16.

Olivia Graham (DEV 1981)
Became Archdeacon of Berkshire in Oct 2013, much to the astonishment of all who know me, and was very sad to miss UEA 50th celebrations as a result. Greetings to DEV 81-84 cohort and faculty!

Ross White (CHE 1981)
I gained my degree and PhD in Chemistry from 1981-1987 and moved to Grenoble as a neutron physicist until 1991. An MBA at Nottingham saw me switch to senior leadership roles in a number of non-profit organisations including hospices, the Arts Council and the Anne Frank Trust. For the last eight years I have been with Mildmay, a CQC rated outstanding hospital, where I am CEO. I have very fond memories of my time in Norwich and in Massachusetts on the Chem USA course.

Julian Widdicombe (EAS 1981)
Since 1987 I have been working as an English teacher in London and Bristol and I currently work for the Cabot Learning Federation as a Programme Leader for English at an Academy in Bristol. I am married to Bridget Widdicombe (nee Scanlon, EAS 1985) and we have two sons and one daughter who are currently in secondary schools in Bristol.

Simon Withers (EUR 1981)
I have been a cycling journalist for nearly 20 years, initially employed by Future Publishing. I test bikes, write features and interviews. For the past 18 months I've worked as a cycling journalist in a freelance capacity.

Lisa Nazim Murray (neé Murray) (SOC 1981)
Has been living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for 30 years. She is a teacher and enjoys hiking, sailing, kite-flying, cycling, skiing and recently paragliding. Visitors passing through Malaysia - most welcome.

Malcolm Dunn (EAS 1982)
Have spent more than 30 years working in Financial marketing/advertising on titles ranging from national newspapers (Times, Mail on Sunday) to magazines (Moneywise) and internet sites (Hedgeweek). Living in Coggeshall Essex , married to Sue with one daughter Sophie.

Colette Fagan (DEV 1982)
After graduating I waitressed in Norwich for a year to finance as postgraduate degree at LSE. Then I started employment at the Equal Opportunities Commission (now the Equality and Human Right Commission) where I subsequently commenced a part time PhD. I am now a Professor of Sociology at the University of Manchester where much of my research is financed by the European Commission.

Nigel Utton (EUR 1982)
Currently headteacher of the Bromstone Primary school in Kent. Chair of heading for Inclusion and trustee for the Alliance for Inclusive Education.

David Wiles (ENV 1982)
I am an Environmental Consultant in the Infrastructure Implementation Unit of the Ministry of Public Works implementing World Bank and other donors funded road infrastructure projects in Liberia.

Catherine Marsh Steptowe (EAS 1982)
Having completed a PGCE in 2004, I am currently working as an English teacher in Brightlingsea, teaching students aged 11-18 and loving every moment!

David Carter (SOC 1983)
Fifers Lane big breakfasts, Norfolk Terrace lakeside views and even some work at SOC -- was that really more than three decades ago? To cut a long story short, in 2003 I returned to my native Somerset where I run my own writing business,

Catharine Garner (BIO 1983)
After graduating, I did a couple of years in a lab, but decided to leave science mainly because bacteria don't stop growing at weekends. I'm now the Active Underwriter of a Lloyd's syndicate. Bizarrely, thanks to industry regulations, a knowledge of genetics was actually quite helpful for this!

Mark Gaskell (EAS 1983)
Still selling vintage clothes as I did at the university market and St. Benedicts market. Now living in Liverpool. Have lost touch with everyone at UEA (my fault). Anyone who remembers me please get in touch

Rachel Hoare Cripps (EAS 1983)
I live in Perth, Western Australia, where I run my own business from home as an editor, proof reader and copywriter. I am married with two teenage children.

Karen Lane (EUR 1983)
Conducting media and external relations to promote and explain poverty issues and ADB's anti-poverty projects

Peter Preston(EAS 1983)
In London writing my fourth novel. First three novels all published. See:

Robert Tarry (SYS 1983)
After qualifying I became a Chartered Accountant, then Project Manager, then freelance for ten years and am now a training provider and very happy!

Elizabeth Withington Peters (EDU 1983)
After several years teaching in Germany, I have returned to Sheringham. My 2 boys are now in high school.

Richard Ashton (EAS 1984)
Acting in Film, TV and Theatre in UK and USA, living in Harlow, Essex. Growing apple trees and gardening in the South East.

Karen Duff (BIO 1984)
I was at UEA from 1984 to 1987 and lived in Z block Fifer's Lane, various places in the city and then Mary Chapman Court. I did my Ph.D in London, and finished it in Cambridge in 1991. I've been working in the States since 1992, first in Florida, then in New York (since 1998). I do research in Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases at Columbia University Medical Center in New York. Can’t believe it’s been 30 years since I left UEA! Loved every minute...

Katherine Williams (AHM 1984)
Working as a freelance jazz pianist and composer, teaching at the University of Middlesex

Philip Long(EAS 1984)
I have worked in Further and Higher Education since 1988 teaching students from GCSE to PhD over that time. I picked up a couple of Masters degrees along the way in Education and History (Sussex and Essex respectively) before completing my PhD at the IoE, University of London. I have been working in staff development at UEA since 2015 and really enjoying being back here after a lengthy break. I would love to catch up with anyone who knew me back then.

Philip Long Holbutt (DEV 1984)
I took up the post of Head of the Tourism Academic Group at Bournemouth University in June 2013. I remember my time as a 'mature student' in DEV with great fondness and appreciate that this set me up on an academic career.

Demóstenes Marcos Pedrosa de Azevedo (DEV 1986)
I am in Campina Grande, PB. Brazil. I worked in Brazilian Research Institute for Agriculture for thirty seven years as a scientific researcher and now I am retired. I got my PHD diploma in 1990 at UEA.

Alexander Ralton (LAW 1986)
Transferred from London back to home county of Wiltshire dealing with a steady mix of cases in civil, family and mental capacity jurisdictions.

Paul Everitt (SOC 1986)
Happily settled in Guernsey; married; four teenaged kids; run my own small financial services business; overall fairly content!

Sultan Al Naamani (SOC 1987)
I'm living in Oman and working in oil and gas exploration and production company called PDO. I head the company's logistics operations in the oil fields.

Robert Budden (EUR 1987)
Has moved to the south of France, opening up a boutique chambres d'hôtes ( ) just a few minutes’ walk from the beach. He is offering a 15% discount to all current and former UEA students and staff.

Ian Foster (EAS 1987)
Currently working as a buyer at Northampton General Hospital, I have just experienced the most stressful three months of my working life during the Covid-19 crisis. At 61, I am getting nearer and nearer to retirement, of course. I am also a Reader in the Church of England, serving at Holy Trinity, Rothwell and the surrounding villages. I am married to Kim and we live in Northamptonshire. I would love to hear from fellow students who remember me from my time at UEA,not least because I remember those years as some of the best of my life. Everyone was so kind and friendly. They were great times.

Michael Lancaster (EDU 1987)
Part time primary school teacher, professional artist Find me on facebook too.

Mark Selby (SOC 1987)
Living in Bucks but loving working in Stoke-on-Trent with the best Building Society in the Midlands...

Dan Shields (EAS 1987)
I'm an IT Expert at the University of Florida in the USA. I remember my days at UEA fondly, and encourage anyone who remembers me to write me.

David Nevans (EUR 1988)
I studied for a doctorate in Divinity. I have to thank Dr Stephen Wilson and his course in Christian Monasticism for sparking of a interest in theology. Unfortunately, it did not enhance my job prospects, as it made me overqualified. Although my degree in European History has proved useful.

Eshetu Wondimagegne (BIO 1988)
I am the current projects coordinator and treasurer of the Norfolk African Community Association (NACA). I am one of the founders of NACA in 2001 and prior to that I have been involved in voluntary work in the Norwich International Club. I have served as honorary treasurer for five years and for four years as chairman of the Club (NIC) from 1991 to 2000. The NIC organised social events every week on Sunday evenings for its members and the wider community promoting international friendship. I was given a Civic Award in 1998 by the Norwich City Council for my dedicated contribution to this club.

John Bainbridge (EAS 1989) Still writing and visiting Norfolk, published two books this year: "Rambling - The Beginner's Bible" and "The Compleat Trespasser" and working on my novel which will hopefully be out by Christmas.

Adrian Cubitt (EDU 1989)
MA in Education 1992, now retired after 37 teaching. Was Head of Physics at Orwell High School, Felixstowe for twelve years.

Clive Jones (SOC 1989)
Clive Jones is Professor of Regional Security (Middle East) at the University of Durham. He was until recently Professor of Middle East Studies at the University of Leeds.

John Peto (DEV 1989)
After stints in San Francisco, Amsterdam, London and Seattle, I have settled in Connecticut with my wife and 2 kids. I've spent the past 20 years in management consulting working with Deloitte Digital.

Ian Thorpe (BIO 1989)
While at UEA I led ecological expeditions to look for a giant fruit bat in the Comoro Islands. I am now Chief Executive of The Africa Trust and have spent most of the last 25 years in Africa. I invented the Elephant Pump, which is used by over three million people and won the St Andrews Medal and Prize for the Environment twice.

Steven Walker (LAW 1989)
Retired as a senior partner with Gilbert Stephens Solicitors in Exeter on 30 June 2011 and now am working as a part time consultant with the firm. Married to Jane on 30 June 1978 and have two sons, Joe (30) and Pete (27).

Martin Walls (EAS 1989)
I recently joined the Institute of National Security and Counterterrorism as Communications Manager. INSCT is part of the Syracuse University in New York State.

Ann Whiting (EAS 1989)
I have been researching history with the Castle Rising History Group. Recently we were granted a Heritage Lottery Fund (in connection with UEA)

Ngatwa Wolde (DEV 1989)
I am in Addis Ababa, working for government organization Ethiopian Kaizen Institute as Research Development and Certification Director.

Steven Green (SYS 1990)
Since leaving UEA in 1993, I've lived and worked in Australia, the United States and Japan. Now settle back in Essex, a charity trustee and migrants' rights campaigner, and running my own one-man-band technology consultancy; looking forward to the next adventure. Be good to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Gregory Rubinson (EAS 1990)
Living in Los Angeles; teaching writing at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA); and being a dad.

Lloyd Williams (SYS 1990)
Having worked in York, Singapore, Leeds, Singapore (again), Bangkok, London, Manchester, Bahrain… now finally settled in Dubai running my own Corporate Advisory and Investment business.

Yen Yau (SOC 1990)
After UEA went off to Birmingham University, via Durham, to study a masters and I've been here ever since. I now work in the film industry supporting new entrants, giving careers advice to young people across the UK. Never thought I'd end up working in partnership with agencies and companies such as C4, BAFTA, BFI, BBC, EON Productions, Pinewood Studios and Double Negative.

Chara Charalambidou (AHM 1991)
I graduated from the Music department at UEA in 1991. I had three lovely years at UEA and the department gave me the opportunity to study piano at the Royal School of Music and after graduation to continue for a Masters degree in Music at City University in London. This is one of the reasons I was very sorry to hear that the Music Department had to be closed. I hope that the university Orchestra and Choir are still active and producing great works, such as Handel's "Messiah" (1990) which was performed in Norwich Cathedral. I have been teaching music for the last 24 years in public schools in Cyprus and would love to hear from fellow graduates of the music department.

Colm Cronin (EAS 1991)
Hello all. After UEA I did a masters at Warwick then a career in journalism took me from London to Hong Kong. Since 2009 I have been a Westminster civil servant working on government communications and Brexit among other things. I have a son, Taig, born 2001 and a daughter Téa born 2006. I live in lovely Tunbridge Wells in Kent and I still visit Norwich now and again.

Anna Daley (EAS 1991)
Teaching English and training English and Primary School teachers at the Universite d'Orleans (IUFM). Still writing - maybe I'll get published one day! Still translating - legal and technical mainly.

Emma Stone (née Jones) (EAS 1991)
Taking an entirely unexpected career path, I have ended up in HE Admin. I started as an Exams Assistant and went on to become Head of Exams between 2004 and 2015 at the University College of Estate Management, a distance learning institution which concentrates on the built environment. Since 2015, I have moved into database management for UCEM and am currently undergoing the joys of the many and varied returns needed by HESA and HEFCE!

Richard Wright (SYS 1991)
Now living in Woking, Surrey, and working at Visa Europe in Basingstoke.

Christopher Challis (BIO 1992)
I returned from the UA in 2007, worked for a Danish start-up and eventually Vodafone. After taking a 6 month gardening sabbatical I met my wife and we married in September 2012. I'm currently working for IBM and living back in Cambridge

Simon Codling (SOC 1992)
Shortly after graduation I joined the Norfolk Constabulary as a Police Office and was based in Kings Lynn. With a long standing interest in property from my UEA days I also began buying and renovating houses, which eventually turned into a full time occupation. After a few years I left the force and now with my wife run an estate agency in Norwich. Along the way I have also been involved in many other small business ventures in aviation, hospitality, music, building projects, interior design, and raised many children!!

Mark Funnell (ENV 1992)
I've swapped one 'national' for another - going from working for the New Forest National Park Authority to the National Trust, where I work as a Planning Adviser

Simon Johnson (ENV 1992)
Director of Eden Rivers Trust - a conservation charity dedicated to restoring a 2500km2 catchment using a variety of innovative approaches to benefit ecology, landscape and people

Bernadette Rodriguez (DEV 1992)
I am doing consultancy work for government projects on various areas; project management, government, education, eco-tourism. I also tutor English online, mostly to Japanese.

Marcos Simpson (BIO 1992)
Living in Ireland! Working in FMCG as a Senior Finance Manager and coaching sport as a hobby... Coached Fencing for several years and now have moved onto kids football. Married to the wonderful Joanne and two amazing children, Dillon and Ava.

Thomas Blower (ENV 1993)
After stints in the Army; Rainforests of Borneo, Deserts of the UAE, I am now back in Sussex, running leadership development and coaching.

Mark Fairbrother(ART 1993)
Deputy headteacher in charge of teaching and learning at a secondary school in Nottinghamshire

Maximos Kokkonis (SYS 1993)
Living in Athens & working at a small company dealing with scientific instruments support & validation most in pharmaceuticals labs. Quite satisfied with my job. Bachelor for life. Lots of memories from constable room 69, LCR awesome lives , PUB, the HIVE, the lake during summer 94. Kisses to all middle aged X UEA students.

Neal Monaghan(DEV 1993)
After 12 years with Customs & Excise at the Inland Revenue, I fell in love with an American and moved to Denver to start a new life. 6 years later, I supervise a team of financial investigators at the Colorado Attorney General's office; regulating and prosecuting Debt Settlement and Debt Collection companies.

Elif Oztetik (BIO 1993)
Hello UEA! I have the position of Assist. Prof. Dr. at Anadolu University in my hometown (Eskisehir /TURKEY). Delivering Biochemistry lecture to the 3rd year students in the Biology Department. Still single:) and happy.

Christian Ter-Nedden (EAS 1993)
Visiting student at EAS 1993-94, graduated University of Zurich in 1998, moved to Southern California in 2000, in relocation industry since 2004. Co-authored / edited historical biography for writer Thomas Mann's private secretary.

Ian Turner (SYS 1993)
When I left in 1996 I was fortunate to go straight in to a "webmaster" job role at a small web agency in Milton Park in Oxfordshire. I married Lisa Turner (nee Sanders - also UEA SYS 1990-1993) and now still live in Oxfordshire. I now work for a Security/Operations company called Tanium as one of their Directors of Customer Success, after a long stint at Documentum EMC in their Professional Services team. I am on LinkedIn.

Paul Williams (EUR 1993)
Graduated EUR 1997 in Swedish and French Nina Terlinden - graduated EUR 1996 in European Studies. We just had our 10 year wedding anniversary (we got married in high Barnet in 2004). We've been living in New Jersey since October 2004 when we moved here due to a work relocation.

Claudia Gray Lange (DEV 1994)
After 15 years of working at UEA and three years as a DEV student, I am moving to Birmingham due to personal reasons. UEA really does get under your skin and I will never forget UEA.

Anne Grey (EAS 1994)
I have recently discovered that I am only a fictional character in a book called "quicksand". Thanks a lot Google.

K.M. Manikfan (DEV 1994)
Currently working as an Adviser in Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices, Government of India. Main function is to determine Minimum Support Price for about 23 selected agricultural products in India each year.

Shaun Meleady (HIS 1994)
I am currently living and working in Japan where I am principal at the American School in Kofu, a school I helped set up to teach English to Japanese and Indian children in 2004. Arigato gozaimashita.


Abdul Rashid Mohamed (EDU 1994)
After receiving my doctorate in education in 1998 I returned to teach in Universiti Sains Malaysia. In 2001 I was made the Deputy Dean at the School of Educational Studies and later in 2005 made the Dean until 2015. In 2018 I was asked to help rebuild Albukhary International University, which is a university based on endowment. I'm currently the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic). UEA will forever in my memories. There are simply too many good memories to forget. I read for my masters at the School of Modern Languages and my PhD at CARE.

Neil Monk (DEV 1994)
Still living in Norwich, Working in volunteer management. Leading "Opening Doors", an innovative project to develop volunteer support for people living with disabilities.

Petra Herrington Northam (NAM 1994)
I am currently working in primary care as a dementia practitioner in the West Norfolk area. Mt role involves early assessment, diagnosis and possible treatment of those suffering from dementia. Alison Mallett Tremeer ART 1995 I work full time as a Family Law Mediator and professional Consultant heading up the mediation department from the head office in Derby. We offer mediation from 5 locations in the East Midlands.

Ruth Maphorisa (DEV 1994)
I have been with the Public Service since I left UEA and would like to connect with graduates from the 1995 Rural Development class.

Tom Rode-Christoffersen (DEV 1994)
Tom Kamau and Marieke Rode-Christoffersen have been working in the People's Republic of China to help the poor in the countryside since the beginning of the century. Tom is currently working to transfer the bogas success of turning poo into energy from China to Madagascar.

Simon Attwood (BIO 1995)
Working as Head of Conservation for WWF-Singapore.

Farman Ullah Anjum (DEV 1995)
I work with Higher Education Commission of Pakistan as Director General Accreditation in Islamabad Pakistan.

Coralie Roll (NAM 1995)
During the MSc Clinical Research (NIHR) course I successfully applied for a Nursing Lecturer post at the UEA and am working in the School of Health Sciences.

Ahmed El-Sarag (EDU 1995)
I am currently working as an educational expert in Albania. I work at the Egyptian Cultural Centre in Tirana, on projects aimed at helping Albanian society. We are also working with friends in Europe.

Syarifah Aman-Wooster Aman (DEV 1996)
I'm working as social development special, looking after project on environmental, natural resources and agricultural development and ensuring safeguarding ethnic groups.

Mark Nettleton (MTH 1996)
Currently living in Sydney, Australia working for one of the country's leading Home Automation companies. Left the UK in 2007 and spent 2 years in Vancouver, Canada before moving down under. Living with my partner Rebecca and our beautiful little girl, Holly.

Laura Vichi (EAS 1996)
Teaching Film History in different French associations for the development of humanistic culture.

Paul Wooster (DEV 1996)
Working as consultant at Asian Development Bank

Michael Barnes (SYS 1997)
After graduating in Business Information Systems in 1997, I started work full time within IT for Ford Motor Company in Essex where I'd spent my sandwich year.  Fourteen years later, I emigrated to Australia and moved to the capital city Canberra to work for Airservices, a corporate Commonwealth entity providing safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible air traffic control and aviation rescue and fire fighting services across Australia where I've had the opportunity to work at control towers and air navigation and surveillance sites.  My current role as Business Support Manager for the Air Traffic Control Group gives me an exciting insight into air traffic management within Australia, most recently being involved with planning for the November 2014 G20 Summit held in Brisbane.  Moving to Australia has been the best thing ever – plenty of warm sunshine allowing me to pursue many outdoor hobbies including 4 wheel driving and camping.  But, I miss the winter coffees after lectures.  It's been great to keep in touch with so many fellow students over the years.

Emily Buck (BIO 1997)
Scientist at the New Zealand Institute of Plant & Food Research Ltd. working on genetic mapping and DNA marker development in various horticultural crops.

Adam Nowak (NAM 1997)
Enjoying life in Nottingham, having just come back from travelling around New Zealand. I am working in cardiac intensive care and having a great social life.

Corinne Martin (BIO 1997)
I am back in the UK after a few years abroad in France, then Greece. I no longer do research but work for the biodiversity arm of UNEP in Cambridge (UNEP-WCMC). Married with a two-year old daughter - enjoying a more stable professional life and a more applied role

Will Zhuang (MGT 1997)
I did my first degree at UEA in 1999 and came back to UEA for PhD in 2001. I had my practice in York since 2004. At the same time, I contributed lots of my time in volunteering and charity work. Besides accounting is still my day job, I am tourism ambassador of VisitYork and business ambassador of City of York to promote in the Chinese market. I am also committee member of a few charities.

Mihai Balanescu (EAS 1998)
I did my PhD in American Studies at the UEA as one of the first students from Eastern Europe which made for a pretty exotic character. I owe immense gratitude to the university for so many reasons. Moved to Warwickshire in 2003. I established the Academic Writing Programme and the PGR Academic Coaching which I now direct at the University of Warwick.

Hasan Siddiqi (SSF 1998)
I completed my Masters in International Relations in 1999. I joined the Civil Service in 2000, and worked in numerous thematic areas, mainly in law enforcement and security. I now work in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO). I owe a lot to UEA and having a great campus environment around me. My tutors and (mostly) all the students were just brilliant: but particular gratitude to Professor Stephanie in East Asian studies (whereever you are, thank you). I remember the disdain and lack of any encouragement the career adviser afforded me when I told him I wanted to join the FCO - is it too late to say, I made it.

Nicola Stopps (née Phillips) (ENV 1998)
I founded in 2010 Simply Sustainable, a specialist sustainability consultancy. It is now the UK’s fastest growing sustainability consultancy, and we were delighted to win UK SME Sustainability Consultancy of the Year 2017 at the Edie Awards. Lots more information on what I have been up to at

Epaminondas Christophilopoulos (ENV 1999)
Epaminondas holds the UNESCO chair on Futures Research, and is Head of the Foresight & Tools Unit in FORTH/PRAXI. Having a background in Physics, Environmental Studies, International Relations and Foresight, Epaminondas has initially worked in the field of technology transfer and research commercialization, before setting up a new activity related to international research co-operation. Since then, Epaminondas has coordinated several projects in Eastern Europe, Asia, the Gulf peninsula and Central America. Since 2010, Epaminondas draws particular focus on future studies and foresight and set up the Foresight Unit in FORTH/PRAXI. He is a Certified Future Strategist, member of the World Future Society (WFS), the Foresight Europe Network (FEN) and Co-Chair of the Greek Node of the Millennium Project. His current research interests include the use of gamification methods in foresight and the concept of futures literacy.

Lucy Jarvis (ART 1999)
After graduating from UEA with a degree in Art and Architectural History in 2002 I moved to Bahrain where I worked for an antiques collector cataloguing his vast moving image and recorded sound collection. I then came back to London and managed an art gallery in Essex, before getting a job in an engineering firm in central London. I was in the historic buildings team within that company and studied part-time for a Masters (MSc.) in Building Conservation (drawing on my interest in architecture). I became a heritage consultant and in 2010 set up my own heritage consultancy, with others. We've been going strong for 7 years now and have a team of 26! Although built heritage remains our main area of work we now also have an archaeological and landscape planning arms to the business. At the end of 2016, after years of wanting to come back, I finally moved to Norwich, from London, and continue to work from home.

Mark Pearson (CHE 1999)
I am the Product Owner for Infrastructure Delivery at ThoughtWorks, which is responsible for providing self-service hosting and consultancy to colleagues and stakeholders.

Ehsan Ul-Haq (DEV 2000)
Humanitarian Performance Monitoring Specialist, Office of Emergency Programmes (EMOPS), UNICEF, New York, USA. As Emergency Specialist for Humanitarian Planning and Performance Monitoring with EMOPS I am mainly engaged with providing technical support on Humanitarian Planning and Performance Monitoring to all the countries in humanitarian situations. I provide technical support both remotely from NY and onsite through support missions to the COs. While in NY, apart from remotely supporting the country offices, I work on policies, strategies, tools and standards for humanitarian planning and performance monitoring. In the field, I am deployed to the emergency country offices (usually 60-70% of my time is devoted to field missions) to support in humanitarian planning and monitoring. During 2014, I was deployed to South Sudan (from Feb to end May, 2014) and Iraq (Sept-Oct 2014) to support the COs in response planning and setting up a robust system for humanitarian performance monitoring.

Faye Thomsit (BIO 2000)
I'm currently doing an engineering doctorate on Greening Facades with Hedera. I'm in my first year and just getting started. It's very exciting and I'm enjoying it.

Matthew Lang (DEV 2001)
At UEA, studying for an MA in social work

Kirsty Limacher (neé Pennington) (LAW 2001)
I graduated from UEA Law School in 2004. I went on to complete my Legal Practice Course at Anglia Polytechnic in Chelmsford before commencing a training contract with Lucas & Wyllys Solicitors in Great Yarmouth in 2005. I qualified as a Solicitor in 2007 and continued to work at Lucas & Wyllys becoming a Partner with the firm in 2012. I have recently relocated to Hertfordshire and I am now part of the Wills, trusts and probate team at Sherrards LLP in St. Albans. In my spare time I've also obtained an MSc in Forensic Psychology and Criminology through the Open University.

Wayne Littlewood (MGT 2001)
Now living in Coventry and have a successful career and business. Would love to meet up with others who were at UEA during the time I was and even on the same course.

Nursuriyani Zainol Abidin (CMP 2002)
I am currently based back in my home country - Malaysia. Working with AXA, currently leading the Change Management for transformation initiative.

Simon Baker (MGT 2002)
I run the corporate video production unit at ITN, working for business and brands online and on TV

Christopher McConnell (HIS 2002)
Just announced engagement to Dr Tiffany Bergin - wedding taking place in New York, spring 2015. Best fried Zoe Neville-Smith (EAS '05) will be the Groom's Maid of Honour!

Nicola Reiss (DEV 2002)
I've been working with the Humanitarian Crisis Hub in Melbourne since February 2012. We're about to change our name to Diaspora Action Australia. We're at the cutting edge of the movement to bring diaspora groups to the development table.

Nicholas Thomson (FTV 2002)
I have just published my first novel: "Sleb", and a documentary that I edited & script edited called "The Racket" was nominated twice at the 2014 St. Tropez International Film Festival.

Lynda Williams (Wright) (EDU 2002)
Freelance writer for LOCOG (London Olympics 2012). Scriptwriter for a short film screened at Cannes, Short Film Corner. Feature film script with a US film production company.

Sheila Barnes (Barnes Cross) (CCE 2003)
Sheila Barnes uses her counselling skills (UEA, certificate) in her private singing teacher practice in London and at Trinity College Cambridge, where she teaches singing to the Choral Scholars of the Trinity College choir, termed No. 1 amateur choir in the world by Gramophone Magazine.

Jenny Corser (EDU 2003)
I've been teaching for 6 years. I recently got married and we have a baby called James Miles.

Helen Mandley (BIO 2003)
After graduating in Ecology in 2006 and my Masters in Applied Ecology and Conservation in 2010, I now have a fantastic position at the Norfolk Rivers Trust as a Farming and Water Projects Officer. I work with the farming community on the River Nar helping to improve water quality through river restoration.

David Smith (PHI 2003)
After several years as a Secondary English teacher, I took some time out to write. In April 2019 I had my first novel published with the Conrad Press. I've lived in Australia since 2013, and currently reside in sunny Brisbane. I switched careers in 2018 after learning how to code (in Python, mostly). When I'm not writing or playing futsal I work as a Data Analyst for a federal government regulator.

Preeti Suhasini Santi (CMP 2003)
At Telangana, South of India.

Chris White (MGT 2003)
I work as a Standards and Qualifications Developer for the Sector Skills Council in the Construction Industry. I write National Occupational Standards, NVQs and Apprenticeship Trailblazers.

Fei Yang (MGT 2003)
I am doing sales and marketing for my robot & welding equipment department. Always travel around because of the job needs, not only in China but the world. And I like it.

Sudesh Kumar (DEV 2004)
Presently, I am travelling throughout India. Through my foundation, which was initially started at Norwich then moved to London, supporting the grassroot level organizations, educational and healthcare institutions and NGOs in all parts of India. By having small resources, we use new technology to bridge to gap of geographical distance.

Abrehe Umerjor Zemichael (DEV 2004)
I am now living and working in Newcastle upon Tyne, North East of England UK.

Milka Otieno (DEV 2006)
I graduated MA in Education and Development Studies in 2008 and MA in Counseling in 2010 at UEA. I have completed my doctorate in Education in 2016 and graduated in December the same year and started my first research job as a research assistant at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand this year 2017.

Ysabelle Cheung (LIT 2008)
I am currently the managing editor at ArtAsiaPacific, a critical contemporary art magazine focusing on Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East. I am formerly the Associate Editor of Time Out Hong Kong and have written for the New York Post, VICE, Artforum and ArtReview. I have also been contracted for special projects with PEN America and BBC Radio 4.

Daniel Wightman(CHE 2008)
Currently teaching (a lot of A level Chemistry) and am KS3 Science co-ordinator at WHSB. Love my job, but always thinking of going back to research! Loved UEA.

Jessica Austin (PSI 2009, PPL 2014)
After graduating in 2012 with a degree in Politics I worked for a financial brokers for 2 years before deciding it wasn't for me and so returned to UEA for a Masters degree in Cultural Politics. After enjoying my Masters I decided to stick with academia and pursue at PhD at Anglia Ruskin University.

Charlie Collier (NBS 2009)
I am working at AFG Media Ltd who own MorphCostumes and Royal & Awesome. Working in the fancy dress & jazzy golf trousers market is the way to go!

Vijay Jayaraj (ENV 2009)
I am working for Emergent Ventures India. Pvt. Ltd, an environmental consultancy in India which helps South East Asian countries to implement international climate change policies. My previous assignment was with the University of British Columbia in Canada where I helped the research community understand how climate change impacts the global fishing ecosystem.

Ruksana Haque Rimi (ENV 2009)
I am now doing my PhD at University of Oxford with Commonwealth Scholarship 2013.

Desiree Peeters (FTV 2009)
I am currently a Production Management Assistant working in Animation and Acquisitions for CBBC. I have worked on CBBC shows such as Technobabble, Blue Peter and The Next Step, and assisted with interactive content for Hetty Feather and Scream Street.

Anne Sakoane (CHE 2009)
Working in commercial medical research at Roche, one of the top pharmaceuticals in the world, whilst pursuing a MSc distance learning in epidemiology part-time.

Sikander Bizenjo (DEV 2015)
I am currently the Project head of Urban Youth Project in Karachi, Pakistan. We have pioneered a programme to give free of cost training to youth from lower-income communities to enhance their entrepreneurial capacities. Prior to this initiative, I have worked as an associate with Chief Economist of Pakistan at the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms.

Samantha Black Ashworth Black (LCS 2010)
After completing my degree last year (2013) I am now doing a Masters in bilingual translation at Westminster University in London.

Helen Delima (ECO 2010)
Masters degree- International Economics Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Julia Ewart (NBS 2010)
Fresh from a NBS MBA I'm immersed in the interiors world which is currently very vibrant.

David Hayes (LAW 2010)
After obtaining my LL.M. from UEA in International Business and Commercial Law I moved to Atlanta, Georgia and began practicing law. I maintain a general litigation and corporate practice, and I am particularly interested in developing an international business specialty. In the last year I have become involved in representing corporate interests before Georgia's legislature, or as we call it in the U.S. "lobbying."

Alexander Jordan (HIS 2010)
I am currently an Adjudicator for the financial ombudsman service dealing with PPI complaints. I settle financial disputes between financial businesses and their consumer.

Sucanra Suthagaran (ECO 2010)
After completing my degree in Economics BSc in 2013, I now work for as an Assistant Underwriter for CNA Hardy specializing in Cargo, Transport & Logistics.

Charlotte Watson (NBS 2010)
After graduating from UEA I studied for the Graduate Diploma in Law (law conversion course) in Cambridge to further my interest in employment law. I now work as HR Assistant (Europe) at Johnson Matthey within Catalysis and Chiral Technologies.

Neal Goldsmith (LDC 2011)
I'm Dotmailer's technical writer, which primarily means that I maintain the company's knowledge base. I also compile release notes for our regular upgrades. Dotmailer is the UK's number one email marketing automation platform. With international expansion beckoning, I'm also the company's localisation co-ordinator.

Miranda Langford (AMA 2011)
I am 7 months into a year-long starting contract at Pottermore, the digital heart of J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World. I do the day-to-day management of our social media channels (almost 5M followers across all platforms), manage a team of freelance community managers, report on social data and analytics, and work on social media strategy. Recently I oversaw Pottermore's Fantastic Beasts social media campaign, including live coverage from the New York and London premieres, the midnight release of the film in the UK, cast interviews, Warner Bros partner support, and a spot in the BBC Radio 1 documentary 'The Secret of the Wizarding World'.

Abdoukarim Sanneh (DEV 2011)
I am currently residing in Birmingham but moving home to London in January to start working with Camden Society in North London.

Sarah-Joy Wickes(LDC 2011)
After graduating, I moved to Cambridge after I was offered a travel job in the city centre, which I undertook while I searched for a career to settle on. I eventually found an opening at SyndicateRoom - a leading competitor in the bright and shiny equity crowdfunding market. The founders hired me as their Marketing Assistant, and then made me their Marketing Executive. In the year that I've been at SyndicateRoom, I've introduced a new quarterly magazine, which I edit and manage, and begun a new series of sell-out events.

Rouna Ali (EDU 2012)
Currently a Secondary School Geography Teacher in West London. Teaching mainly KS3 and PSHE with my year 7 form tutor group!

Ross Perkins (HIS 2012)
Since graduating from UEA with a BA in History and Politics and a PGCE in secondary History education I embarked on a career as a secondary school History teacher. I met my wife at UEA, where we both studied for a PGCE in secondary history. We are both now heads of History departments at secondary schools in Cambridgeshire.

David Gwyther (DEV 2013)
After graduating from UEA with an MA in Conflict, Governance and International Development, I spent 6 months running post-disaster reconstruction projects in the Philippines and Nepal. On my return to the UK I worked for the "In Campaign" for the 2016 EU referendum, managing grassroots campaigning activity across the country. I am currently managing grassroots campaigning for Open Britain/The People's Vote Campaign to campaign for a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal.

Nicholas Smith (EDU 2015)
After leaving the British Army, I found myself at the doorstep of the UEA one year after the successful completion of an Access to Natural Sciences course. It was a very steep learning curve being away from studying for many years and I had to study extremely hard to play catch up with students who had arrived straight from their A-Levels. I had graduated with a very pleasing 2:1 in Physical Education, where I studied modules in Sport and Exercise Psychology and Human Physiology. I had the choice to push myself, to study the subjects which I enjoyed and it has now led to the career which I have pursued for many years. I am now a Healthy Lifestyle Coach in the NHS working on obesity prevention within Norfolk. It involves helping parents and children with interventions in their own lives that can help to make a change, for the good of their mental and physical wellbeing. The career development and scope to climb a career ladder is great now I have my degree and I am looking at studying a MSc in Applied Human Nutrition alongside my job. The sky really is the limit when you believe in yourself.

Valeriia van der Westhuizen (AMA 2015)
Currently I am getting ready for an adventure of a lifetime. I am getting ready to take a position of a Liaison Officer at the NGO Transfrontier Africa which is based in the Balule Nature Reserve of the Kruger National Park.

Seyedeh Nazanin Aleali (NBS 2017)
I am redirecting hopefully back to UEA. I live in Dubai now. And am hoping to be able to arrange to live between the two cities to bring the good of both to both.