The Woodburners reunion The Woodburners reunion

The Woodburners reunite, 50 years later, in Kerava, Finland.

Started in their first term at UEA in 1966, The Woodburners quickly became part of the Norwich folk scene, greatly encouraged by Alex Atterson, and members went on to run the UEA Folk Club. Horsham residents for 2 years, The Woodburners were Nick Tarrant, Dave Hinton, Dorothea Proffitt (nee Imrie) and Martin Pope.

In early September, 50 years on, and after 6 frustrating years of searching the Internet, the group were at last together again, invited by another UEA folky, Mike Vollar, to his home in Kerava, Finland. Nick now lives in Portugal and Martin in Norwegian Laoland. Also at the reunion were UEA students Pam Hinton (nee Bishop) and Sheena Ellwood (nee Murray), and partners Maija Salemaa, Jinmi Tarrant and Kirsten Pope.

The 5 days together were a bustle of updating, reminiscing, singing, merry-making and hot-tubbing with a splash of sight-seeing! Who could have guessed that such a disparate bunch of old codgers would jell together so well, not having been together for 47 years! Sadly no photo exists of the Woodburners in their Horsham prime, but 50 years on Mike's garden was filled with rusty harmonies. And a memorable 5 days was had by all. 

Listen to a recording of The Woodburners in 1967. 

(written by Martin Pope)

Photo at top of page: The Woodburners anno 2016 (l-r) Dave, Dorothea (Dot), Nick & Martin

The reunion group: Mike, Maija, Martin, Jinmi, Kirsten, Dorothea, Sheena, Nick, Dave and Pam

1966 photos: Nick and Martin in a folk singing car