Dr Alastair Gordon Dr Alastair Gordon

Doctor Alastair Gordon was awarded his Doctorate degree in 1967. He undertook his research in the Department of Chemical Sciences. Dr. Gordon was born in 1942 in Hatfield, Hertfordshire and his interests at school, in addition to his studies, included scouting, which eventually led to him being awarded his Queen’s Scout Badge. He matriculated at Fitzwilliam College at Cambridge University in 1961 and graduated with a degree in Natural Sciences.

Following his time at UEA, Dr. Gordon accepted a position at British Petroleum as an Operations Research Scientist and was based at Brittanic House in the City of London. Sadly, while traveling to work on the 28th February, 1975, Dr. Gordon was fatally wounded along with seventy-three others in the Moorgate Tube Disaster. The disaster occurred as a result of a Northern Line train failing to stop at the line’s southern terminus at the station and crashing into the end wall. This was the worst peacetime accident in the history of the London Underground.

A memorial dedicated to those killed in the accident and in tribute to the survivors and Members of the Emergency Services was unveiled at Finsbury Square in 2013. There is also a memorial plaque to the victims on the side of Moorgate Station in Moor Place and was unveiled in 2014.

Through a generous bequest from Dr. Gordon’s estate, a Trust was set up in his name. The Trust provides financial support to those undergraduate and graduate students attending the School of Chemical Sciences suffering hardship. In addition, there is a named bench overlooking the Drama block and Student Union that UEA arranged following consultation with Dr. Gordon’s family.

Written by Dr. Charles S.P. Jenkins

Photograph is of the Memorial at Finsbury Square and is a copy of that produced by Mr. David Holt