Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships

Coming to University is a major commitment, both academically and financially. With tuition fees now at £9,000, and ever rising living costs, many talented students may be put off studying for a degree.
The students most likely to be impacted are those coming from low-income households who may face the following challenges:
Lack of guidance from their school or their immediate family, who may not have attended university themselves.
Lack of finances to provide the basic living costs for three years of study away from home.
Achieving high A-Level grades is a challenge in low-performance schools, especially in comparison to their privately educated peers.
With these factors against them, it is students from these backgrounds who most need our help. Scholarships can alleviate the financial burden, whilst giving students the confidence that someone believes in them and their ability to succeed.
Not only do our scholarships encourage students to come to university in the first place, they continue to support them throughout their time here. Without the scholarship, many students are required to also hold down a part-time job in order to fund their living costs. Receiving a scholarship means that the time spent working, can now be spent studying, playing for university sports teams and developing friendships.

Postgraduate study can set students apart in the job market and allow them to develop skills learnt at undergraduate level through a further year of intense study. For many students, graduating with over £50,000 of debt, and then making the decision to add to that during a Master’s year, can be daunting and ultimately off-putting. Many students turn to the banks for a loan, or opt to enter the working world in an attempt to raise funding. 
The Difference Postgraduate Scholarships aim to give students the opportunity to continue with their studies without these financial worries, meaning our students begin their careers, or make that all-important research breakthrough, sooner.