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The UEA Law School is in the top 10 Law Schools in the UK. It is home to over 600 students and participates widely in the community in and around Norwich. These impressive rankings and reputation stem from the community of the Law School itself, situated in the historic building of Earlham Hall.
As the Law School expands, Earlham Hall can no longer accommodate all academics and teaching spaces. This is where the Difference Campaign aims to help. We are converting three outbuildings into much needed office and seminar space, alongside an area to accommodate the UEA Law Clinic.

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The UEA Law Clinic; Facts and Figures:
Over 175 Law students are taking part in pro bono work each year through the Clinic. 
The Law School have won awards for their pro-bono partnerships including Best Partnership in Pro Bono at the LawWorks awards in 2014.
In 2015, students in the Welfare Benefits Advocacy team at NCLS won benefit appeals for client’s worth over £1million.
“Generations of UEA law graduates remember Earlham Hall with real affection as their academic home at UEA. The redevelopment of the outbuildings of Earlham Hall will allow current and future students to share that experience. It will provide a unique environment in which students can continue to flourish. It will allow the School itself to build on its many achievements and become recognised nationally and internationally as a top law school.” 
Professor Peter Kunzlik, Head of School of Law, UEA.

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Your donation to this project will also see the courtyard area transformed to provide a relaxing setting for students and staff to enjoy - bringing back that well-known Earlham Hall community spirit.

With a gift today, you can play a vital part in the Law School's future and enable the Law School's vision to become a reality.

To find out more about the Earlham Hall Campaign please call +44 (0)1603 597574 or email georgette.ward@uea.ac.uk.