2013-14 Alumni Fund Disbursements 2013-14 Alumni Fund Disbursements

During the academic year 2013/14, the Alumni Fund supported 12 projects designed to enhance the student experience.

Amongst them are a new simulated 'board room' within the library, The Modern Physic Garden and an International Student Orientation Video.

CENTRE FOR COMPETITION POLICY  £                3,260.00
ENV THERMAL IMAGERY EQUIPMENT  £                3,582.85
LIBRARY GROUP STUDY 'BOARD ROOM'  £              10,000.00
MODERN PHYSIC GARDEN @ UEA  £              11,695.00
ACADEMIC SOCIETIES SUPPORT  £                3,600.00
SUMMER OF SPORT  £                2,162.00
STALLS FOR ENTERPRISE  £                2,546.94

Centre for Competition Policy Centre for Competition Policy

The workshop involved the Centre for Competition Policy’s PhD students from the Schools of Law, Business, Economics and Political Social and International Studies, along with invited external PhD students. It provided them with an opportunity to present their research to leading academics and policy makers in the field, enhancing their research, as well as their networking skills. The two-day event provided a platform for the participants to get to know each other, present their research, and exchange ideas in the broad area of competition policy, both within and across disciplines. 

International Students Orientation Videos International Students Orientation Videos

This project has produced a series of orientation videos for International Students, promoting academic support, campus services, and the off-campus environment, as well as to document the new International Orientation and Discovery Week.

The videos were produced by international students, for international students, and are to be used to give new and prospective students an introduction to the UEA campus and city of Norwich before they arrive, as well as to inform them about what to expect upon arrival and in the days that immediately follow.

ENV Thermal Imagery Equipment ENV Thermal Imagery Equipment

Funding was granted for thermal-imagery equipment to support students in the School of Environmental Sciences’ studies of the thermal efficiency of buildings. This includes physical and social aspects of energy usage and will be applied in modules including residential field courses, academic projects and in extracurricular activities with local organisations. The research enabled by the thermal-imagery equipment allowed students to develop skills outside of modules, which add to their personal portfolio, providing examples which demonstrate their competence at a range of skills such as communication, project work, team work, and an enthusiasm for volunteering in consultancy type work with the guidance of academic staff. 

Library Group Study 'Board Room' Library Group Study 'Board Room'

During summer 2014, Floor 01 of the Library has seen the construction of six new group study rooms, the largest of which has been funded by the Annual Fund. The room is designed to simulate a ‘Board Room’ environment. It seats up to 16 people and is equipped with a projector, lectern and computer, along with a paper flip chart for optimum group study. The room was designed with the purpose of replicating either a seminar room, for students to ‘dry run’ presentations, or as a business ‘Board Room’, to prepare students for the world of work.

The room was opened in October 2014 and is bookable between the hours of 8am and 12 midnight. The area, previously used for shelving, has been put to good use and was fully booked in the weeks leading up to the Christmas break. 

Mentoring Scheme for Professional Development in Literary Translation Mentoring Scheme for Professional Development in Literary Translation

This professional development project will offer both undergraduate and postgraduate students, especially in the Schools of Languages and Communications Studies (LCS) and Literature, Drama and Creative Writing (LDC), the opportunity to work with a professional literary translator, who will act as a mentor in their first professional translation.

The project has been successful in previous years, with Daniel Hahn working as a mentor on a voluntary basis.

Funding has been granted for the running of two planned workshops, where students will work on a collaborative translation of a short extract from a contemporary writer. There will then be an open translation competition, which students can enter by submitting a sample of a short story or book. The best translators will be selected to translate the short story or novel, with an experienced translator acting as a mentor and editor.

This project has been deferred and will commence in the academic year 2015/16. 

Modern Physic Garden @ UEA Modern Physic Garden @ UEA

The Modern Physic Garden @ UEA will provide a brand new, contemporary, communal space adjacent to the new Enterprise Centre. It will allow students, research communities, business communities, and members of the public, including Alumni, to come together to explore the role of plants in health, wellbeing, art, science, history and the environment. The intention is that this new garden will offer outdoor study spaces, designed to enhance and support student learning.

The garden will also provide a nexus for student volunteer activities. The up-keep of the garden will be supported by the UEA grounds staff, with the intention to create a student led volunteer group to work with the local communities to maintain and develop this garden, and the additional garden spaces adjacent to Earlham Hall that need to be brought back to life and restored.

Funding has been granted to help cover the cost of the planting, signage, developing information leaflets, and developing an App for the Modern Physic – the App will enable visitors to scan Q-codes on plaques beside a plant to find out more about the species and its properties. Funding will also go towards a student internship designed to kick start this aspect of the project. 

Talking Shop: British Politics as seen from within Talking Shop: British Politics as seen from within

Funding was granted to support five student interns to work as research assistants on a new global research project. The project was to collect responses to major political science questions from current and former insiders within British Politics. The interns were responsible for identifying and corresponding with respondents; maintaining a database of responses; creating a website showcasing the project and its findings, and establishing the project’s social media presence. The interns were then asked to present their findings and experience at a UEA-based workshop to academics, journalists and their peers. 

Role Play Recordings to support social work students Role Play Recordings to support social work students

Funding was granted for the employment of professional actors to record examples of both positive and poor practice within the field of social work. Scenarios designed specifically to address particular skills and settings, such as chairing a child protection meeting, managing conflict, or giving difficult news, were used. These recordings would be used in teaching, to enable students to see concrete examples of practice, and to discuss and evaluate the quality of practice portrayed. The first wave of recordings is scheduled to take place throughout the 2014/15 academic year, with a second wave proposed following a positive evaluation of the first. 

Developing Focusing as a therapeutic intervention at the university counselling service Developing Focusing as a therapeutic intervention at the university counselling service

The project aimed to deliver new group interventions at the University Counselling Service (UCS). The project expanded the service at the UCS, whilst reducing waiting lists for one-to-one counselling. It contributed to the student experience by offering more opportunities for support and self-development. Many students do not require ongoing one-to-one counselling, and the development of a range of preventive groups and workshops alleviated waiting times by providing useful alternatives to one-to-one therapy. Such ‘psycho-educative’ groups provided tested techniques for specific difficulties that students can use for themselves. The project ran ‘Focusing’ courses lasting 4-6 weeks, during which individuals were paired with another student to develop peer support and to continue ‘Focusing’ beyond the group sessions. 

Academic Societies Support Academic Societies Support

The Union was granted funds to employ two interns to work with academic societies (societies linked to an academic discipline e.g. History Society or Biology Society) in the autumn semester 2014. The interns each currently oversee societies in two faculties, and work with them to establish links with staff and student representatives within the Union. The project aims to help societies to become more successful, encouraging engagement, learning, friendships and increasing employability. 

Summer of sport Summer of sport

An initiative designed to offer regular, organised sporting activity to those students who remain on campus or in the Norwich area during the summer months. There are a large number of students who remain at UEA over summer, including international, INTO, postgraduate and local students. In previous years there has been very little provision for these groups of students to participate in organised sport or physical activity during the summer months. Many postgraduate students and those on non-traditional timetables (i.e. nursing, PGCE) specified how they are unable to take part in sport through clubs or the inter-school Ziggurat Challenge, due to the times when these activities take place, and the fact that they cease at Easter. A number of students stated that activities in the summer would encourage them to participate more. 

Stalls for enterprise Stalls for enterprise

The Union of UEA Students used funding to purchase marquees for students to borrow and use around campus to promote what they are doing or selling, and enable the growth of their entrepreneurial skills. They are used for a range of different activities, the most recent being Islamic awareness week, and are free for students to use as a pitch for enterprise ideas.