Alumni Fund Alumni Fund

Memories are made, skills are developed and experience is gained by our 25,000 students daily both in and around campus. Many of these memories, skills and experiences are available to our students thanks to the Alumni Fund, which supports projects designed to enhance the overall student experience.
In recent years, the Alumni Fund has supported the following:
  • New students made memories of their first few weeks of university thanks to our ‘buddy scheme’ run by the student union.
  • ENV students have gained new skills, as the Alumni Fund enabled the School to purchase two ground penetrating radar antennae, adding this increasingly popular geophysical method to students’ skills set, providing students with learning experience similar to industry applications.
  • Student nurses gained experience as they travelled to developing countries such as Malawi.
These incredible projects are accompanied by many more initiatives which have been made possible thanks to the generosity of donations to the Alumni Fund. Applications to the Fund are now closed.